Why Are Your Faucets Leaking? Reasons To Hire A Professional Plumber To Fix The Problem | Sugar Land, TX

Why Are Your Faucets Leaking? Reasons To Hire A Professional Plumber To Fix The Problem | Sugar Land, TX

Are you dealing with leaky faucets at your Sugar Land, TX home? If so, you are likely wondering what would be causing the leak. The fact is, there are many reasons why your faucets may be leaking. Probably there is a problem with your O-ring, a disk that holds your faucet handle firmly in place. If the O-ring gets damaged, it can result in leaks. Or maybe the valve has undergone corrosion. Leakages might result from worn-out seals, issues with your washers, or broken fittings or pipes.

If you have a leaking faucet, calling in the experts is the best thing you can do. A plumber can detect the problem and knows precisely how the issue can be fixed. This article will list the common reasons why your faucets may be leaking. Although the level of the issue may seem daunting, seeking the help of a professional plumbing service can be of great help. They know where and what to look for, depending on the make or model of your faucet.

Why Is Your Faucet Leaking?

Faucet leaks are among the common plumbing issues that plumbers deal with daily. Fortunately, dripping or leaking faucets can be easily fixed in most instances. A leaky faucet might cause many problems like increasing the water bills or disturbing your sleep. Leaky faucets may be inconvenient and annoying. Therefore, you must get the faucets fixed to avoid wastage of water per month. Fixing a dripping or leaking faucet can help you save about 10% on monthly water utility bills. Below are some of the reasons your faucet may be leaking.

Issues with the O-Ring

Your faucet is typically held in place by a stem screw that features an O-ring attached to it. One of the main reasons the tap drips is because of issues with the O-ring. This part might have become loose, or it also may have worn out. With regular use and over time, the O-ring might suffer from routine wear and tear, causing the faucet to begin dripping near its handle.

If the faucet leak is caused by problems with the O-ring, replacing the component might quickly rectify the situation. If you’ve got a cartridge tap, drips and leaks are highly likely to result from a damaged O-ring.

Corroded Valve

A valve seat connects your faucet and the spout within its compression mechanism. The valve suffers wear and tear over time, making it start corroding. The corrosion is caused by the water sediments, leading to leakages around the faucet’s spout area. This problem is common in local homes with hard water. Whenever you experience such a problem at your home, enlist the services of an experienced plumber to clean or replace the valve seat to fix the leakage problem. They will also inspect the plumbing system for other issues you didn’t know existed.

Worn Out Washer

The other common reason why your faucets may be dripping or leaking is due to worn-out washers. Every time you open the faucet, the washer is pressed against the valve seating, causing friction which eventually causes it to get damaged or wear out. Whenever the washer starts wearing out, you will notice leaking or dripping around its spout. If the faucet has a leakage or drips resulting from worn-out rubber washers, this may be easily fixed by your plumber by replacing the component. If you use a compression faucet at your home, then the most likely cause of the leak might be a worn-out washer.

Incorrectly Installed Washer

In most cases, your faucet itself or any of its mechanisms might not be having a problem. The problem might stem from an incorrectly installed washer. The washer may also be correctly installed but incorrectly sized, whether large or small. All these can result in a leaky faucet in your Sugar Land, TX home. Do you suspect that your washers are incorrectly installed or the wrong size? Enlist the help of a professional plumber to fix the washers properly. Properly evaluate the plumbing service to avoid falling into the problem again. After appropriately installing the correctly sized washers, the leakages or drips from your faucets will stop dripping.

Leaks Under Your Sinks

Spitting the problem might be difficult if the faucets have sprung leaks under the sink. Most homeowners rarely look under their sink. Therefore, if the faucets at your home have under-the-sink leakages, you might experience severe damage if the issue isn’t detected immediately and promptly addressed.

Under the sink, leakages might damage your flooring or seep through your floorboards, resulting in expensive damages. Under-the-sink leakages might result from two likely sources. They may be caused by loose water supply connections or P-trap or sink drains whose connections might be loose.

These types of leakages are tiny at times. This makes it challenging to spot them. Whenever you spot the issue, lay some paper towels or something else that catches the water and immediately reach out to an emergency plumber. The professional will precisely see where that leakage is emanating from. The plumbing expert might likely inspect your home’s water supply lines with three major connections.

The problem might be when the water supply lines are connected to the main shutoff valves. It could also result from the place where the valves connect to your flexible water supply pipes. In other cases, the leakage might be caused by your water supply pipes that connect to your faucet’s tailpieces. If any of the locations above causes the leakage, enlisting a professional plumber will resolve it. The professionals will tighten all the connections in the water supply lines to ensure that the issue is correctly fixed.

Regardless of the cause, you’ll find enlisting an expert plumber’s services beneficial. They have modern tools and experience to promptly address the problem before it results in severe problems.

Reliable Plumbers in Sugar Land, TX

Faucet leaks are among the leading causes of water wastage in most homes. Homeowners believe the issue will resolve itself in due time, a particularly misadvised notion. The only solution to the leaking faucets is contacting a professional plumbing service like bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Huston. Do you have the problem of leaking or dripping faucets in your home? Call our experienced and reliable plumbers today. We will gladly fix your leaking faucet.

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