What Types Of Water Heater Units Require The Least Water Heater Repair? | Sugar Land, TX

What Types Of Water Heater Units Require The Least Water Heater Repair? | Sugar Land, TX

The importance of a water heater in any home cannot be overstated. Therefore, homeowners must do all they can to ensure this vital plumbing appliance operates in the topmost or optimal condition. Are you the kind of homeowner that cares for your plumbing appliances and fixtures? Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t give their water heaters much thought until they realize they aren’t getting enough hot water or sufficiently heated water.

While the water heater might not occupy some of some homeowners’ brain space, the water heating appliance is responsible for over 20% of the household budget. Hence, they occupy a large part of your budget that might expand further if they run into issues requiring water heater repair. A water heater is responsible for supplying your home with enough and sufficiently heated water whenever needed. To achieve this, you must choose a unit that can cater to the heated water needs of your home.

This begins with selecting the right type of water heater based on several considerations. Below are some types of water heaters that a water heater repair and installation professional might install at your Sugar Land, TX home.

Various Types of Water Heating Units

Taking time to research and understand the various types of water heaters in the market is the first step in ensuring you purchase the right unit. It also saves you time, headaches, and money that you might use to pay for immediate repairs and replacements. Therefore, below are some of the common types of water heating appliances.

Solar Powered Water heaters

Are you shopping for a water heating unit that can save you on energy costs? Then you can consult your water heater repair company for a solar-powered water heater. Though they do not have a creative name, the water heating system is. After those solar panels do their job, the closed-loop system passes the water via an anti-freeze-like fluid before its storage in a tank. Hence, you will have heated water and stay clear of energy utility bills.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Also called hybrid water heaters, these water heaters are creative enough. Though they use electricity, the heating system absorbs heat from the surrounding environment to heat the water. Hybrid water heaters also feature a storage tank.

Conventional Water Heaters

These are standard or tank-based water heaters common in some homes. Whenever a water heater is mentioned, they are the first thing that comes into most people’s minds. These water heaters feature a large storage tank to ensure they have a ready reservoir of heated water. Unfortunately, the tank is usually constantly reheated to ensure the water will be hot whenever required.

This means that they consume a lot of energy. They also use up a lot of space to store the large tank. The tank is usually insulated, and the water is normally heated to around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Conventional water heaters may be electrically powered or gas-powered. Unfortunately, they have a shorter- service life than our next water heater.

Tankless or On-Demand Water Heaters

As you probably might have correctly guessed based on their name, these water heaters do not feature a tank. Secondly, they only heat the water on-demand, meaning they can save you a lot of cash in energy utility bills. The on-demand water heaters use a coil to heat the water whenever required. They also occupy a smaller space compared to tank-based water heaters and have a higher service life of over 20 years. So, suppose you are looking for a water heating system that is long-lasting, energy-efficient, and space-saving. In that case, you should consult your water heater repair company about installing a tankless water heater.

Indirect and Tankless Coil Water Heaters

This water heater type uses the existing space heater at your home to heat the water. This water heater type can have incredibly high efficiency when used together with a high-quality boiler.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Or Purchasing a Water heater

However, there are several things that your water heater repair professional might advise you to consider before heading out shopping for any of the above water heaters. These include things such as:

The Size of the Water Heater

There are two forms to this factor. First, you must consider the dimensions of the actual water heater. For instance, most heat pump water heaters require about 8-ft vertical clearance for proper installation. The second consideration is the amount of heated water the potential water heater can produce. If your Sugar Land, TX home is spacious, then you most likely have many hot water outlets. Hence, the water heater repair professional might advise against purchasing a tankless water heater. The same case applies if you have a large family.

The Source of Energy

How is the water heater powered? Water heaters can use various fuels such as electricity, natural gas, solar energy, and geothermal energy. Whenever you shop for a water heater, ensure you choose a unit with energy readily available in your vicinity at an affordable cost.

The Cost of the Unit

The initial costs of purchasing and installing water heaters vary greatly from one type of a unit to another, and so do their operating costs. While some, such as heat pump water heaters, might take a short period to recoup their initial costs, others, such as solar-powered heaters, might take longer. Additionally, the maintenance costs involved in a conventional water heater are much higher than that of an on-demand water heater. Hence, you should consult your water heater repair pro to learn more about the costs before purchasing a unit.

Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners consider the other factor before purchasing any electrical appliance, including the water heater, is its energy efficiency. This consideration can mean a difference between paying a fortune in monthly energy utility bills and paying pennies. It also has a direct bearing on the environmental impact. Fortunately, most modern water heating units are highly energy-efficient thanks to the advanced technologies, while others even offer some savings such as local or federal rebates.

Maintenance and Service Life

The other thing to remember before purchasing a water heater is its durability. A water heater is a sizable investment, meaning you want one that can last the longest with minimal maintenance. You don’t want to purchase an expensive water heater only for it to need the services of a water heater repair professional after a few days because it has broken down.

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