Ways For A Plumbing Service To Customize Your Bathroom For Elder Residents | Katy, TX

Ways For A Plumbing Service To Customize Your Bathroom For Elder Residents | Katy, TX

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When designing a home for older residents, it is essential to keep in mind that they may not use the same facilities as younger people. For instance, individuals over 50 years old only need five feet of clearance when using a shower or tub. Those who are 60 or older may need more space if they have limited mobility. Certain products can make bathrooms safer and easier to use for senior citizens in Katy, TX.

If you want your bathroom to be functional yet comfortable for an older adult, hire an expert plumbing service for proper advice and installation. Here are some things you should consider:

Keep the Faucet within Easy Reach of Seated Users

This is important for both the shower and sink. You can mount a faucet on the wall, so it comes out directly over the user’s head. This will prevent them from reaching up or bending down far to turn it on or off.

Some models also include a hand-held sprayer that can be attached to the faucet, making it more convenient. A local plumbing service can suggest the right one.

A Seat Built Into Your Shower

If your senior relative might have trouble getting in and out of the tub, consider installing a seat inside the shower with non-slip grips along its sides. The grips make it easier for users to steady themselves while sitting down or standing back up again after bathing. You may need the help of a professional plumber to install the seat at the right place.

Towel Bars Are Lower Than For Other Residents

A towel bar will accommodate a senior’s shorter height, as well as their limited range of motion. You can also install higher bars accessible to those who cannot lift their arms over their heads.

A Bench in the Shower

This is especially important if your older family members have any injuries or illnesses that limit their mobility. With a bench, they can sit down while still having easy access to water and soap.

There are benches with built-in storage compartments underneath them, which hold shampoo bottles, body wash, and razors. This saves space on towels or bathrobes that might otherwise end up on the tub or shower stall floor. Don’t hesitate to call a plumbing service for a complete inspection of your bathroom before installing such features.

Showerheads with a Long, Flexible Hose

Seniors may also have trouble reaching for items that are placed above their heads. An extendable showerhead gives users more flexibility to direct the spray where they want it without straining their backs or arms. Instead of doing it yourself, you can call a local plumbing professional for proper shower installation.

A Faucet with a Single Lever

The ordinary two-levered sink faucets found in many bathrooms can be complicated for older people to use. It takes a lot of strength and coordination to turn the hot, and cold faucet handles simultaneously since most senior citizens will already have some physical issues they’re dealing with.

Those who aren’t as steady on their feet may worry about accidentally turning on too much water while adjusting their temperature settings. You can ask about the right fixtures from your local plumbing service expert in Katy, TX.

Grab Bars by the Shower

One of the most important products for bathroom safety is a grab bar. It’s essential to have one installed on each wall. A hand-held option can be a great help when it comes time to stand up from a seated position or lower down onto the seat. There are also built-in options that come with a toilet seat.

An Elevated Sink

This may not seem like an attractive idea at first, but consider how much better your older family members will be able to utilize space under their sink if the countertop is higher up from where they’re standing or sitting. Your plumbing service can install a raised countertop sink with a built-in cutting board, which provides even more space for preparing food.

Faucets Designed For Arthritis Patients:

It can be difficult to turn a standard tap because of the numerous parts involved in its function. Many people who have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome have trouble adjusting to this kind of faucet.

A single-lever faucet is much easier to use since seniors need to move their hands up and down on one handle to get hot and cold water pouring out. If they still think it’s too complicated, ask your plumbing service professional to install single handles that can be attached directly over existing taps.

A Convenient Light Switch

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to turn on a light in a dark room and not being able to find the switch. Ensure that all switches (and plugs) are easily accessible by tying them up at or near eye level.

The plumbing service expert can also install motion-sensitive lights beside the bed and inside walk-in closets. That way, your family members won’t have to worry about fumbling around in the dark when they need to get up at night.

A Rail on the Wall for Clothes

If someone struggles with reaching high places (or has trouble bending over), they may struggle with putting away their clothes after a shower. It’s best to install a rail on the wall beside the bathroom door, so they can lean over and easily hang their bathrobes and towels.

Enlarged Knobs

Another solution is to purchase sink faucets with enlarged handles that are easier for senior citizens to grasp. Other options include adding a non-slip coating or a gripping material underneath the faucet head.

You should also consider installing larger, well-lit light switches throughout your home if you have older family members who will be living there as well.

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