Water Heater Repair Problems That Shouldn’t Go Undetected In Your Home | Katy, TX

Water Heater Repair Problems That Shouldn’t Go Undetected In Your Home | Katy, TX

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Water heater is one of the most significant home appliances that most people take for granted. You must be using it every single day for various household chores, including bathing, cleaning, washing, etc. But you seldom give attention to it until it stops working and you are left with no hot water. Like all other appliances, problems may come up with your water heater too.

Below are some common water heater issues that you may experience in your appliance. When you notice these problems, never let them go undetected. Ignoring them may cause severe damage to your appliance, property, and even your safety. Get the needed water heater repair done immediately to get the most from your appliance. If you are local, call in the expert professionals and resolve the issue in time.

Water Not Heating

If your water heater is not heating water at all, the most common reason can be a tripped circuit breaker. The first step to take is to check your breaker box. If it has not tripped, then probably the heating elements have failed and require replacement. The issue may also be related to the reset/limit switch of your appliance’s thermostat. It may have tripped or failed and needs to be replaced. Call in a water heater repair expert, let them find the issue, and resolve it accordingly.

Extremely Hot Water

The water needs to be at the right temperature to use it to do your tasks comfortably. If the water temperature is excessively high, then the first thing to check is your thermostat setting. If it is set to too high, adjust it accordingly. Adjusting the thermostat is also needed when the weather changes from cold to warm and vice versa. If the temperature setting is low enough, but still, the water is too hot, maybe you need to contact a water heater expert to change the thermostat or check its wiring.

Water Is Warm, but Not Hot Enough

If your water heater is not heating up water enough, again, the issue is most likely with its thermostat. The needed water heater repair can be as easy as adjusting the thermostat’s water temperature. The thermostat is usually placed behind the access panel on the water tank’s side in an electric heater. In a gas model, it is factory set and not meant to be adjusted.

You might need to raise the temperature during the winter season, since the heated water gets cool quickly as it passes through your plumbing pipes. Other reasons for not enough hot water may be a thermostat fault, including loose wiring or faulty elements.

Water Leakage from the Top

If water is leaking from somewhere near the top of your water heater, it may be a sign of a loose hot outlet or cold inlet pipes, failed T&P valve, leakage in the inlet valve, etc. All of these issues are easy to be fixed by a water heater repair in Katy, TX.

Water Leakage from the Bottom

Water leakage from the bottom typically indicates condensation that generally takes place in a water heater. If that’s not the case, it may be due to leaking heating element gasket, little water expelling from the overflow pipe, or opening the T&P valve to release extra pressure in the water tank. Sometimes, the tank might be leaking, and the only water heater repair option is to replace it. Call experts to identify and fix the issue.

Water Taking Too Long to Reheat

As compared to gas water heaters, electric water heaters take too much time to reheat an entire tank of water. The time taken by one water heater may be slightly shorter or longer than the other models. Newer models are usually built to be faster than the older models. But if your appliance is taking much longer than usual to reheat the water, then the problem might be with its heating element or thermostat.

If your hot water needs have increased due to added family members or increased tasks, then consider investing in a new water heater with a higher tank capacity. You may also think about buying a tankless model that gives you an instant supply of hot water whenever you need it.

Low Pressure of Hot Water

Most of the time, people who complain of low pressure of hot water have an old home. Such homes usually have galvanized pipes of ½ inch diameter that enter and leave the heating system. This limits the water pressure, for which the only solution is installing ¾ inch modern pipes that allow more water to pass through. Calcium deposits, rust, and sediment build-up in the sink aerators or pipes may also reduce the hot water pressure. For that, contact a professional to conduct the needed water heater repair.

Strange Noises from the Water Heater

Popping, banging, knocking, hissing, and other types of strange noises from the water heater indicate scale build-up on the heating element. They may also be because of the excessive build-up of sediment at the tank’s bottom. Other causes may be a leakage somewhere, excessive pressure in the tank, or noise due to normal contracting/expanding. If your water heater is making such strange noises, have it looked into by a water heater repair expert.

Smell from the Hot Water

Stinky or smelly hot water is probably due to bacteria in your water tank. If your water source is well water, your water is more susceptible to a foul odor. Frequent flushing may help temporarily, but you may need to replace its anode rod to fix the issue permanently. Powdered anode rods can remove the smell from your water, and they last longer too.

Call a Water Heater Repair Expert to Have Your Water Heater Fixed

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