Toilet Constantly Getting Clogged? Schedule A Drain Cleaning Service To Find Out Why | Sugar Land, TX

Toilet Constantly Getting Clogged? Schedule A Drain Cleaning Service To Find Out Why | Sugar Land, TX

The toilet isn’t just for convenience but a major plumbing area necessary for your home. To some extent, it influences the comfort of your home. Hence, whenever it experiences any issue, you must contact a plumber immediately for inspection and prompt resolution to the problem. About 76% of American homeowners have faced the problem of a clogged toilet at one point or another, especially in public washrooms. However, toilet clogs are common even in homes and other commercial buildings.

The clogs might arise from various factors, as we’ll discuss below. However, you’ll find out that enlisting the assistance of a professional plumber for routine drain cleaning services is a sure way to avert toilet clogs. Have clogging issues with your Sugar Land, TX home’s toilet repeatedly? Below are the main reasons why you might be experiencing this.

Partially Blocked S-Trap

What is an S-trap? It refers to an S-shaped pipe that originates beneath the ground, winding its way into your toilet bowl. Its role is to ensure the foul sewer gasses within the drains don’t pass through the toilet bowl and enter your home. If this were to happen, your home could become uncomfortable and affect your family’s well-being. Sometimes, some toilets use a P-trap rather than an S-trap based on the toilet design. However, whether an S-trap or a P-trap, they all serve the same purpose, protecting your home from the harmful gasses from the toilet drains.

Fortunately, you can quickly identify an S-trap that is fully clogged. The toilet develops a blockage, requiring you to clear the clog before using it again. However, a challenge arises when the S-trap has a partial blockage. In most cases, you’ll have to call a professional and licensed drain cleaning service because partially blocked S-traps or P-traps tend to remain even after you clear a major clog. Hence, your toilet begins clogging more frequently. Enlist the assistance of a professional drain cleaning service in Sugar Land, TX, because using an auger won’t be successful.

Flushing Non-flushable Items

Flushing down some wastes means only one thing, a clog. The flushing concepts apply only to certain objects and materials, at least for a regular toilet bowl. Materials like sanitary pads, paper towels, newspapers, and wipes, among other items that don’t quickly disintegrate in water, aren’t flushable. Though some of the above materials are often marketed as flushable, flushing them will damage your drainage and plumbing system.

Paper towels are tear-resistant, even under complete water saturation. This physical resistance makes it hard to disintegrate or break down and pass through the drainage pipes. If flushed down the toilet by chance, they likely become stuck within, prompting you to seek emergency drain cleaning services after some time.

The other common non-flushable materials that will most likely result in a toilet clog include disposable cloths, napkins, hair, ear swabs, and feminine products. Ensure that you avoid flushing or placing these items near a toilet, especially if you have some kids at your home. Never use your toilet as a trash can. This makes the non-flushable objects block your toilet or your home’s drainage system. Whenever this happens, you need to enlist the assistance of a professional drain cleaning service provider.

Obstructed Plumbing Vents

The plumbing system at your home comprises water lines as the inlets and drainage systems that work as outlets to remove the wastewater from your home. Besides these vital parts of your plumbing system, there are also ventilation pipes that help to release sewer gasses through your home’s roof safely. The ventilation also helps bring fresh, clean air from the exteriors into your home, forming suction and pressure within the plumbing system.

This raises the flushing efficiency of a toilet. Unfortunately, if the plumbing vents have an obstruction or are clogged or sealed, the efficiency or flushing power of the toilet is considerably affected. A drain cleaning service company uses the right technique and methods to determine whether this is the cause of the toilet blockage. The drain cleaning professional might use the drain snake or a hydro jetter to clear the clog or obstruction and allow easy toilet unclogging and flushing.

Ineffective Low-Flow Toilet

The use of low-flow toilets is one of the best ways of minimizing unnecessary use of water and high-water bills. Generally, the toilets may last for more than a decade before they require a major repair or replacements. Unfortunately, using an outdated low-flow toilet is one of the main blockage or clogging issues.

As time progresses, the efficiency or flush power becomes insufficient to push the wastes down the toilet through the P- or S-trap into your drainage pipes. You could opt for a temporary solution, flushing only a small amount of paper and waste at a time. Alternatively, you can contact a professional and reliable drain cleaning service to help you install a new toilet that can handle any demands comfortably. The plumbers can help you choose one that isn’t prone to clogs and other damages.

Restricted, Punctured, Damaged, or Main Sewer Line

The main sewer line is a drainage line buried underground leading from your home to the septic tank or the municipal sewage system. This sewer line is well secured from rain, snow, and freezing, among other factors, because of where it is buried. However, the earth’s movements and tree roots could still interfere with and damage the main sewer line. They could wrap around the pipes, exert pressure, or even puncture it.

A punctured or compressed sewer line constricts or reduces the diameter of the outlet leading to the septic tank or the main sewer system from the municipal authority. As a result, rocks, dirt, and other forms of debris may enter the sewer line through the punctures and result in a severe drainage challenge. It results in other issues like backups besides toilet clogs. Ensure that you contact a reliable drain cleaning service if you are a victim of such.

The toilet is among the most used plumbing areas besides the bathroom and kitchen. Hence, you must ensure that it operates at its highest level and leave no chance of any malfunctions. However, if they are clogged for whatever reason, ensure that you enlist the help of a drain cleaning service. Are you a victim of a clogged drainage system or toilet in Sugar Land, TX? Call our professional plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston today to have them cleaned.

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