The Trusted Plumber You Need In Your Contact List | Houston Heights

The Trusted Plumber You Need In Your Contact List | Houston Heights

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Most of us have experienced the inconvenience of a clogged drain or a shower that runs cold after five minutes. It’s no fun. This is one of the many reasons why we understand the importance of finding a company that stands behind our licensed and experienced Plumbers. We provide a comprehensive menu of services to help resolve the different plumbing issues that our business and residential customers may experience. We show up and get the job done. We work to restore your comfort.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Our Houston Heights customers deserve the best. When you reach out to us, you’ll be met with a listening ear as our customer service representatives schedule an appointment with an experienced Plumber. Our Plumbers are skilled and experienced when it comes to dealing with a wide variety of plumbing issues. A plumbing professional will show up to your business or residence and work to resolve your issue. We keep our customers in the information loop from the beginning to the end. We explain the issue, make recommendations, and take action to fix the problem. We know that plumbing issues don’t always occur at the most convenient times. This is why we offer round-the-clock service to meet the needs of our clients. You may have a backed-up sink in your kitchen at 3 Am on Christmas eve. Guess what, we’ll still show up and resolve your issue. We care about our customers and want to be there when you need us most. Our emergency services make it possible for customers to receive help from licensed and experienced technicians when they need it most.

Our Skilled Technicians

We take pride in having a team of Plumbers that know how to get the job done right. We will send a Plumber that will work quickly and efficiently to fix your plumbing issue. If you’re experiencing showers that run cold after a few minutes, and need help with water filtration, we’re the ones for the job. We offer a full menu of services to meet the many plumbing needs of our customers. Our Plumbers stay abreast with the current trends of the industry. They also have the skill and experience needed to address a wide variety of different issues. We send a professional to assess your situation, make recommendations, and perform any service needed to quickly and efficiently resolve the issue. The customer service doesn’t stop once you hang up the phone. You will be met by a technician that also understands the true value of top-notch customer service and will keep you in the information loop from beginning to end.

From Clogged Drains to Tankless Water Heaters

When we send a technician to your home or office, they come with a truck that has the tools needed to address your problem. If you have a clogged drain, we will determine what action is needed to unclog it. Sometimes, simply using the force of water is enough to resolve a clogged drain. However, other times, a chemical measure may need to be taken. Our drains withstand a lot when it comes to cleaners, dirt, shampoos, and conditioners, as well as food particles and other debris. If a clogged drain has been neglected for a long period of time, simple measures may not be enough to resolve the issue. We have many techniques that a Plumber can use to free up a tough clog and get the water flowing again.

Conversely, you may be having an issue with your tankless water heater. Perhaps you’re still running out of hot water. We’ll send a technician who has the tools and know-how to assess the situation and find the right fix. Sometimes an adjustment may be needed, or a part may need to be repaired or replaced. We’ll send a technician with a fully-stocked service truck who will assess the issue and make adjustments or replace parts. Our Plumbers are familiar with a wide variety of different brands and take steps to fix what’s wrong.

Leaks and Other Issues

Leaks can be costly. Many of our customers don’t realize this. That drippy sink can add extra dollars to your water bill over time. This is why we treat this common issue with just as much care and attention as we treat less common bigger issues. All plumbing issues can be costly if they are neglected and left unresolved. It’s our goal to keep you comfortable regardless of when and where the issue occurs. We know that drippy sinks don’t go away on their own, and that clogs don’t automatically become unstuck. You need the help of a licensed and experienced Plumber to fix these issues and our team of technicians is the experts for the job.

Fixture Repair and Replacement

Our technicians also repair and replace fixtures. We know that fixtures wear out, break, or malfunction from time to time. We step in to work quickly and efficiently to replace or repair your fixtures as needed. Our first approach is to repair the existing fixture if we can. However, in some cases, a replacement is the best solution. If you have questions, our technicians have the experience and know-how to adequately assess the situation. Keep in mind that our technicians will always take the time needed to explain whatever conclusion they come to and you’re always encouraged and welcome to ask any and all of the questions you may have. Our goal is total customer satisfaction.

If you’re having any plumbing issues at all, big or small, give us a call. Night or day, we’re here to help you and restore your comfort and function to your Houston Heights home. No one likes clogged drains when they need to wash the dishes…yes some people still do this…or need to brush their teeth or wash their hands at their place of business. These simple tasks become impossible when certain issues are present. Give us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston a call. We’re standing by.

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