Take a Tour with Your Plumber and Consider Your Future Plumbing Needs | Katy, TX

Take a Tour with Your Plumber and Consider Your Future Plumbing Needs | Katy, TX

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Be Prepared for Plumbing Emergencies

Almost everyone is caught off-guard by plumbing emergencies. The toilet overflows in the middle of the night, the kitchen sink won’t drain on Thanksgiving, the tub won’t empty. Before you even consider using a plunger, pause for a moment. And don’t use chemicals, for your plumber’s safety if they have to work on it. In Katy, TX give us a call first if it’s anything but slow-draining because a tough clog can get even tougher when the plunger pushes it further in.

The other way to be prepared, besides putting our phone number somewhere handy, is to make sure slow drains are taken care of by a plumber before they become emergencies. Notice signs of leaks like stains on walls and ceilings and have them checked out before they get worse. And find out where the main shutoff is, then check to see if any sinks or toilets don’t have one. When you turn off the water, most situations won’t get much worse.


In addition to making sure slow drains are cleaned out by your plumber, it’s important to make sure drainpipes are in good shape overall. Check for leaky P-traps, the bend beneath the sink, by looking for wet areas or gunk buildup at joints and the cleanout plug at the bottom. Make sure that the plug mechanisms in your bathroom sinks that you pull up to close the drain are functioning, if present. If not, we can adjust them. Check for any drain backup, especially in the basement. If you’re finding gunk in the sink from a backup, call us soon. If you’re finding it in several sinks, call us quickly — it could be a sign of sewer line trouble.

Fixtures and Appliances

Here you’ll make sure your fixtures aren’t leaking and wasting water or making a mess, and the same for your appliance connections. Faucets that drip or are hard to shut off may need a simple repacking, so if you’ve been putting up with them for some time now’s your chance to put them on a plumber to-do list.

With connections for dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers, garbage disposals, and the like, make sure that there are no leaks at joints and check the hoses for cracking or damage. On the garbage disposal, check carefully for leaks around the bottom portion of the unit that may indicate it’s time for your plumber to replace it.

Hot Water Heaters

Look for leaks on your tank or tankless hot water heater and check its age if you can. Your plumber may need to do that. Look for rust and make note of any discoloration in your hot water when you first open the tap. Is the heater providing adequate water for your family to use? It might be time to upgrade or switch type.

Pipe Problems

On visible piping such as in the basement, look for visible leaks or buildup on the joints. While you’re touring your home, look for signs of hidden pipe leaks such as staining or unexplained dampness. Also, are there any faucets, showers, or other places where the water pressure seems low? Perhaps most importantly, and this may require a plumber — it’s important to note any lead piping or older PVC, and any other materials that have fallen out of favor and may need replacing.


If you’re planning to add space or remodel your kitchen or bathroom, it’s time to start talking about plumbing! We’ve got ideas for great modern plumbing features, and our plumbers have the skills and experience to make the plumbing part of your project happen smoothly.


Depending on what you’ve found for pipe condition and the age of your home, you may want to consider an efficient whole-house repiping using modern materials. It’s a great way to add value to your home. Even if you won’t need it for some time, it’s good to know. And knowing the state of your sewer line is also great for peace of mind.

Incoming Water Line

Since it’s always under pressure, let’s talk about your water line. We’ve already covered piping leaks, but let’s make sure that the whole-house shutoff is in good shape when you need it. We can also review any water pressure issues and see if they originate at the incoming line, check for possible leaks outside the building that sometimes show as extra-green grass and a high water bill, and check the water meter connection as well.


We look for signs of sewer line backup first of all in basement drains. If there is a leak outside along the pipe, you may find the sewage is fertilizing your landscaping extra well in the area. We do recommend a camera check if you have any concerns including the age of the pipe. We can evaluate its condition and discuss its lifetime and tell you about new options for sewer line repair and lining that don’t require as much disruption as a full-length pipe replacement.

Sump Pumps

In Katy, TX a sump pump is a very good idea, and hopefully you have one that’s in great shape and in a clean sump. If not, let’s take care of that. We’ll check out the pump function, its cleanliness, the pipe to outside, and the power connection. With recent area flooding, it might be a good idea to review the pump capacity, too.

Plan Ahead with a bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston Plumbing Inventory and Inspection

You probably read all this and realized that while it needs to be done, it’s a great job for a plumber. We serve the Katy, TX and West Houston area and can review your household plumbing for issues and concerns. Knowledge is power, you can have fewer plumbing surprises and budget for larger projects that might be needed down the road. For emergencies 24/7 and any other plumbing needs, call us at 346-262-0129.

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