Small Plumber Fixes That Make A Big Difference | Houston, TX

Small Plumber Fixes That Make A Big Difference | Houston, TX

What’s on your “to-do” list that our plumber could take care of quickly and professionally? How about leaky faucets and toilets, or a missing shutoff valve where it would be handy? Maybe a more enjoyable shower head and a strainer to keep the drain from getting full of hair and shampoo caps? At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston, we’re here for all your plumbing needs, big and small. Our years of plumbing experience go into everything we do, so you can check off those items you’ve been waiting to do, and get them done with professional-grade parts and skill as well. You might even learn a few tricks you didn’t know that keep your plumbing safe and reliable!

A Great Example of a Simple, Unexpected Plumbing Fix

Have you heard rattles or buzzing in the walls when your dishwasher or washing machine operates? You could have pipes that are on the same hangar, touching and slowly wearing holes. Each time the valve operates in the appliance, they rub and take a little more plastic or metal from the pipe wall. If the pipe is old and corroded, things could happen faster. Avoiding a leak or worse can be a simple matter of spacing the pipes, possibly patching a developing hole. After many years of experience, many of our plumber‘s fixes are simply noticing problems they’ve seen develop into big trouble for other customers. You can benefit from our experience!

Speaking of Washing Machine and Dishwasher Issues

A quick installation of water hammer arrestors in your home can help save your plumbing and even your appliances. A “water hammer” is the spike in water pressure that occurs when the automatic valves in your appliances operate. This can put wear on your plumbing, especially due to vibration, and affect both the valves in your fixtures and in your washing machine and dishwasher. When our plumber performs inspections, it’s something that’s typically on the list of recommendations we provide. Along with that are hoses made of stainless steel braid. For appliances that are connected to constant water pressure like your washing machine, a burst hose can lead to flooding that only stops when someone realizes there’s a problem. It can require a considerable cleanup, but these sturdy hose replacements are an economical ounce of prevention.

Flood Prevention for Your Home

Did you know that there are devices that you can place on the floor by your washing machine or in bathrooms that alert you to flooding when the water level is still low? They have a sensor that’s at floor level, and connect to an alarm system, smart home equipment, or direct messaging to an app on your phone. A bit more than a quick fix, but a great idea, is to have our plumber install a detection system that operates a valve on your water supply so the problem is handled even if you’re away. There are several versions of this system, including ones that sense water on the floor, and others which sense abnormal water usage. Some of today’s water heaters also are available with leak detection technology that protects against leaks in the hot water line by disrupting flow. Ask our plumber for recommendations and information on this exciting plumbing technology.

Shower Safety and Comfort

Grab bars for your shower aren’t just for seniors, everyone gets soap in their eyes, slips, or gets disoriented at times. Having a handy, sturdy place to hold on can avoid an embarrassing incident. Our plumber can install them to meet ADA requirements and provide your family and houseguests with additional security. They can also install great shower heads that are low in water use and high in comfort, using modern designs that make the most of the flow. Don’t forget a quick shower drain cleanout and strainer installation to keep hair from blocking the drain. An additional benefit of a strainer is avoiding urgent calls to remove dropped shampoo bottle caps that get stuck in the drain.

Toilet Repairs and Checks

The mechanism in your toilet can be one of several different kinds, and it needs to be installed carefully for reliable use. Our plumber can install the right replacement, stopping annoying late-night sounds from leaking toilets, and addressing any other toilet flush concerns. They keep most types in their vehicle for immediate action. If they’re visiting for another service, feel free to ask! If your toilet is slow and you’re getting nervous, it could well be the curving route that water and waste follows inside, similar to a “P-trap” under your sink. A drain service can often take care of it, and if the problem is deeper in your drains, they’ll quote further care. The same goes for your toilet mount, which can get loose and cause leaks and a rocking toilet. They can perform a number of quick fixes, and if those don’t do the job, they’ll explain what needs to be done.

Sink Faucet Repairs and Replacement

In your bathroom and your kitchen, the constant dripping of your sink can be annoying and also waste plenty of hot water. It’s typically the hot water side of the faucet whose rubber washer loses its function first, and our expert can make the necessary repairs on the same visit as a few other services, like a toilet tune-up. That should take care of it in most cases, but if your faucet is over a dozen years old, or it’s not meeting your needs, our plumber is glad to provide a replacement, even from vehicle stock!

These are just a few of the simple updates that can add convenience, avoid flooding, and provide safety enhancements in your home. Our bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston plumber is glad to help with small jobs as well as major ones. Give us a call today!

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