Plumber Tips: What To Do When Your Toilet Is Leaking At The Base | Sugar Land, TX

Plumber Tips: What To Do When Your Toilet Is Leaking At The Base | Sugar Land, TX

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We have a very love-hate kind of relationship with toilets. They are a sigh of relief when we urgently need them. But once used, they’re something to be kept as far away from the mind as possible. And when the toilets start to have problems, like leaking from their base, that’s when the real issues start and it’s time to call a  plumber.

If you are a resident of Sugar Land, TX, who has to deal with such a crisis, it’s a good idea to call a plumber from around the area who can get the thing to stop gushing the dirty water out. Hiring a plumber from the area will get the job done in a jiffy too.

Some Common Causes

There are multiple reasons why this could be happening, and you might not be adept at identifying and rectifying it. In such cases, it’s best to hire a plumber to identify the problem behind the leak correctly. Some common causes are:

  • Loose Securing Bolts: All toilets are secured to the ground using TEE bolts. They also provide a water-tight seal around the base and the wax ring along with a firm footing.

Loose bolts lead to gaps around the base. Even the slightest of these gaps is enough to let the water from inside the toilet leak out. An open toilet will move about and break the wax seal, causing the whole mess.

  • Faulty Wax Ring: As mentioned earlier, toilets have a wax ring at the base, which seals the toilet’s drainage region and prevents water from leaking out the base. This ring can become less and less pliable due to aging. A less pliable ring doesn’t flex well enough to provide the kind of seal required to prevent leaks.

Loose bolts allowing for the seat to rock about will also cause this ring to become weak due to stress on it. It might become less pliable or break altogether, again causing leaks.

  • Condensation Water Dripping: This type of leak is not a leak at all but could be mistaken as one. Condensation happens on the bowl’s outer surface as the water inside and the porcelain will be cold.

Also, bathrooms tend not to be so well lit by sunlight, further keeping the place cool. This condensed water flows down the smooth porcelain surface and ends up on the floor, looking like leaked water from the toilet’s base.

  • Internal Faults and Cracks: Unbeknownst to anyone, toilet bowls can be cracked on the inside. Or the piping leading into them could be. Or the drain could be clogged and force some of the water back. Either way, the water will find the smallest of faults to seep through the toilet base, and any tiny crack will do.

Consequences of The Leaking Dirty Water

There’s a reason survival rates have improved over time as people started using toilets and proper wastewater management systems. The dirty water contains all sorts of bacteria and other germs that will harm a person by introducing various illnesses. Children, the elderly and sick patients are particularly vulnerable.

It attracts all sorts of pests like flies and cockroaches which also carry infectious germs on them, further making the place unhealthy. Moss will grow where the water tends to stay, which also adds to the problem. Being slippery, the moss can cause a user to slip and fall over the water-laden floor, introducing injuries. On top of all this, there’s the foul stench that permeates everywhere.

Fixing the Issue

The problem can be fixed based on the true cause of it. On average, it is a two hour job for a DIY-er to mend a leaky toilet, provided they are adept at it. There are chances of making the problem worse by not knowing the situation completely. It’s thus advised to hire a plumber to have it fixed.

  • Tightening of Loose Bolts: If the leak is due to unfastened securing TEE bolts, then it can be fixed by tightening them. You must take care though, not to overdo it as it might cause the wax ring to break and the toilet to develop cracks due to the excess tension.

If you find that the bolts have rusted or the securing holes have been damaged, then the bolts for toilet’s replacement is the way to go. Regularly tighten them if they keep coming loose. If you find it too confusing, it’s best to let a plumber do it.

  • Replacing the Wax Ring: If the leak is due to the breakage or loosening of the wax sealant ring, then replacement is the only option to remedy the situation. They are available for cheap and can be replaced easily.

The toilet must be freed by the plumber loosening the TEE bolts. It must then be lifted and placed to the side with the utmost care, as porcelain tends to crack easily, and toilets have a bad weight distribution.

The old ring must be removed and the new one put in its place, with the plastic cone facing the drain’s direction. The TEE bolts must then be placed in the right positions in the flange and tightened with the toilet. Make sure to disconnect and reconnect the water pipes during the process.

  • Cracked Bowl and Pipe Replacement: In case the toilet bowl and drain being broken, the best choice is to get a new one in their place.

Also, regularly clean the leaked water with soap to prevent buildup and stench.

The All Fixing Plumbing Service

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