Plumber Tips: Reasons Your Toilet Is Leaking At The Base And How To Fix It | Houston Heights, TX

Plumber Tips: Reasons Your Toilet Is Leaking At The Base And How To Fix It | Houston Heights, TX

Why is the toilet leaking at its base? This is a great question that you shouldn’t ignore at all. The water you see on the bathroom floor leaking from the toilet is contaminated. If left unattended, it might throw a pungent smell and cause various sanitation-related problems at your home. If the toilet leaks at the base, that signifies a larger underlying problem. Some homeowners ignore such signs or act when it is too late. To ensure that you are on the right side of things, take the issue seriously and act. Whenever you notice this, your first action should be to call a professional for a further inspection.

However, you are advised to take a more proactive approach and retain a plumber for a routine inspection of your plumbing appliances and fixtures. The technician will catch the issues when they are still in their early development stages and take the necessary steps to stop them in their tracks. Below are some common reasons why your Houston Heights, TX home toilet might leak at its base and how a plumber can resolve it.


Have you noticed that your toilet has some water pooling at the base? You might suspect it might have a leakage, and you will not have thought wrong. However, the issue sometimes has nothing to do with leakage. The condensation of water might cause the water pooling you observe by the toilet. The surface temperatures outside your tank change as the cold water enters the toilet.

If the outer or surface temperatures are warmer than those in the toilet, the air might begin to condense on the exterior surface of the toilet’s water tank. The collection of condensate will then flow down your toilet to the lower surfaces. This is the first thing the plumber considers while eliminating any cause of the flooding or pooling water at the base of your toilet. Whenever the professional detects this as the cause of the pooling water, you are left feeling relieved, knowing that you don’t have a leaking toilet that might pose a serious health hazard.

Worn Wax Ring

The other reason your toilet might leak at its base is if the wax ring is worn out. This might happen in conjunction with loose floor bolts. The deterioration of the toilet wax seal ring might be caused by using chemicals to clean the toilet. Fortunately, a plumber in Houston Heights, TX can easily replace the seal to ensure that your toilet isn’t leaking. Otherwise, leaving this issue unattended might place your family at risk of health deterioration. However, you can take a proactive approach and enlist the help of a professional for routine maintenance and inspections.

Porcelain Cracks

The other main reason your toilet might leak at the base is whenever the porcelain has developed a crack. Although porcelain is a really beautiful material, it is brittle and subject to cracking. Has your toilet broken because something blunt or hard enough fell on it? The porcelain bowl can also crack if uneven pressure is applied to the toilet.

Fortunately, porcelain is a pretty resilient material. As a result, the toilet might last for a long time with proper and regular maintenance. Further, it doesn’t take much to ensure that your porcelain toilet serves you for a longer time. Regular maintenance or cleaning is key in ensuring that your toilet doesn’t develop cracks and unsightly stains. You can enlist the assistance of a plumber for regular maintenance and toilet inspections.

Leaking Pipes

There can be leaks wherever there are pipes. The plumber will wipe the toilet and drain it properly. With a dry environment or toilet, the professional can have a clear view of the leaking point so they can take the required measures to fix it. The professional also might use leakage detection devices to accurately and precisely pinpoint the leak.

If the water leaks from your toilet every moment you flush it, it is highly probable one of the many other discussed issues. However, if the leakage arises even when the toilet hasn’t been flushed, the issue is most likely the pipes. The piping repair depends on how the said pipes have been sealed. The plumbing expert might have to replace them or apply a sealant to patch them.

Leaky Water Shut-Off Valve

A water shutoff valve is a small tap that enables the water supply to connect to the toilet. Like other valves or taps, the shutoff valve is also prone to leaks, wear and tear as time passes. The professional plumbers in Houston Heights, TX have experience, skill, and tools to test whether the shutoff valve leaks. If the valve is properly sealed, it shouldn’t have any leaks. However, if the technician notices that the water shutoff valve is slightly loose or its seal is damaged, that is most likely the reason for the leakage. Depending on the damage, the professional might tighten the water shutoff valve or even replace the sealant to make it firmer.

Loose Bolts

The toilet is usually fixed firmly to the flooring by two bolts. Since the bolts have caps that cover them, you might not be able to see them directly. The plumber will carefully remove the caps and tighten the bolts to ensure that they firmly hold the toilet into position. The bolts are used for tightening the seal between the wax seal and the toe bottom surface of the toilet. Whenever the bolts are loose, the seal between the floor and toilet becomes less effective, and water starts escaping at extreme pressure whenever the toilet is flushed.

Reliable Plumbing Professionals

Have you noticed that the toilet is leaking at its base? It might be because of any of the issues above. However, since you don’t have a way of pinpointing the cause, it is best to hire a plumber for assistance. Don’t hesitate to contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston today for a reliable plumbing service.

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