Plumber Tips: How Do You Respond To Plumbing Emergencies? | Sugar Land, TX

Plumber Tips: How Do You Respond To Plumbing Emergencies? | Sugar Land, TX

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The last thing you want is a plumbing emergency. It’s stressful and costly, especially when it involves water damage. So what do you do when the pipes suddenly burst, or the toilet overflows? We’ll talk about the common plumbing emergencies you may have to encounter at some point and how to better respond to them. If you need a plumber for your home in Sugar Land, TX, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. bluefrog Plumbing operates 24/7 to ensure that someone responds to your emergency.

Common Plumbing Emergencies

A plumbing emergency is a plumbing situation that needs urgent services. It usually involves the risk of water damage or gas leaks. Below are some examples of plumbing emergencies. It’s essential to get help at the soonest possible time to avoid further issues with your plumbing.

Burst Pipes

The good thing about burst pipes is that they don’t just happen. Unless you protect exposed plumbing, there’s no need to worry about freezing pipes that will expand and burst. When the temperatures start dropping, and the pipes are not well insulated, the water inside them can freeze. If the water freezes, the pipes can expand and burst.

Burst pipes are considered a plumbing emergency, especially when they’re inside your home and cause flooding. Water damage can cost you a fortune. There’s also the mold problem and the cost associated when your home’s foundation is jeopardized. It’s crucial to protect your plumbing pipes during winter — get some heating tape at your local hardware store and slightly open the faucets so that warm water can circulate through the pipes and prevent freezing. Also, it’s better to keep the heating on and try to open the cabinet doors underneath the sink so that warm air can circulate in that area.

If you need more help, contact a plumbing company for assistance. Our plumbers are always available, especially when there’s an emergency. We’ll be there asap when you call.

Overflowing Toilet

Best to avoid this plumbing emergency as it’s not only unsanitary, but your bathroom will also smell. When your toilet overflows, the culprit is always a clog — and this could be the tissue paper that you’re not supposed to flush or the small toys that your children threw in the toilet. Never use the toilet if there’s a major clog or your toilet will keep overflowing. Instead, contact an emergency plumber right away.

And please educate all household members, especially children, on how to properly care for your toilet. We also recommend that you acquire some plumbing essentials like a plunger to help you get rid of a toilet clog. However, please have two plungers available, one for the drain and the toilet. Never use the same plungers for the toilet and sink to avoid cross-contamination. When all else fails, call a professional immediately.

Water Heater Leaks

To avoid problems with your water heater, please flush out the mineral buildup at the bottom of the tank. Otherwise, the sediment buildup will affect the efficiency of your water heater. Failure to flush it at least once a year can also lead to other problems such as water leaking from the tank. When this happens, you will have no choice but to completely replace your water heater. That will cost you more money, and imagine the stress you’ll have to deal with when your home starts flooding.

Leaks from your water heater are a plumbing emergency. You need to contact a licensed professional right away to avoid further problems with your plumbing.

No Water

When you suddenly don’t have water, call the utility company first and consider asking your neighbors too. If they have the same problem, the issue could be with the utility company. However, if you’re the only one who doesn’t have water, contact a professional in Sugar Land, TX, so they can thoroughly check your plumbing and find out why you don’t have water.

Don’t worry; we have skilled and experienced professionals and bluefrog Plumbing. We’ll help you diagnose the problem and resolve it promptly.

What To Do When There’s a Plumbing Emergency

If you have a plumbing emergency, such as a water leak, the first thing you need to do is turn off the main water to stop the flow of water to the pipes. Please make sure that you know where the shut-off valves are located to make it easier to turn off the water. If possible, ask a plumber to install shut-off valves near your water heater, dishwasher, or washing machine, so you won’t have to go to the basement to turn them off. Better yet, install leak detection devices that can alert you when it detects a leak and automatically turns off the main water supply.

Try not to panic on a plumbing emergency. After shutting off the water, call a trusted and reliable professional for assistance. Choose an established plumbing company that employs licensed and skilled plumbers to help you attend to your emergency.

Clean up while waiting for the plumber to arrive. If there’s water, ensure that you remove them and make sure that you dry out the area. Consider hiring professionals to help you effectively clean the area to prevent mold growth.

When there’s a gas leak, please don’t attempt to repair it. Instead, open all the windows for proper ventilation and contact a professional immediately. Never light anything or don’t use any electronic device to avoid accidents. Call the plumber when you’re outside your home, and don’t go near the gas line.

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