Plumber Tips: 8 Reasons Your Water Bill Is So High (And How You Can Lower It) | Houston Heights

Plumber Tips: 8 Reasons Your Water Bill Is So High (And How You Can Lower It) | Houston Heights

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High utility bills are no one’s cup of tea, but more so when you’re a homeowner. On top of various expenditures around your property, being saddled with a sudden increase in your water bills can spell disaster for your budget planning.

When you’ve noticed sudden increases to your monthly water bills, check whether the water usage charges in Houston Heights have increased before inspecting your home. Consulting a plumber is usually the quickest way to figure out why your water bill is so high, but here are some other aspects you can look through.

Water Leakages in Pipes

Leaking pipes are one of the most common reasons people suddenly start seeing an increase in their water utility bills. Whether the leakage is right underneath your sink or deep within your walls, it can be problematic in any area.

Not only will you have high bills, but leaking pipes often cause widespread water damage, corrosion, and even mold in different areas of your home. Call over an experienced plumber if you’ve seen signs of water damage or think you have a leaking pipe.

Old Appliances

Your old appliances that use water are simply not built to be as efficient as modern ones. Whether it’s your dishwasher or water heater, older models tend to consume more water.

When you have a lot of old appliances in your home that are beginning to show signs of age, it is natural that your water bills will increase. Further, if you’re not getting them regularly maintained, it can also cause your bills to increase without warning drastically. Call a plumber over to see if your old appliances can become more efficient without consuming large volumes of water.

Excessive Water Consumption

While the weather in Houston Heights is generally pleasant throughout the year, there are definitely times where your household’s water consumption can spike. During scorching weather, most households consume more water, so that you can expect an increase in your bill due to a natural increase in demand.

Many people keep their faucets constantly running through freezing weather to ensure the water doesn’t freeze in pipes. It can also lead to an increase in monthly bills. Consult a plumber when you’re unsure about how to lessen your water consumption without significant changes in your daily routine.

Malfunctioning Plumbing Appliances

When your HVAC system or shower breaks down, your water usage will inevitably increase. Not only do malfunctioning appliances cause inconvenience to your household, but they can also increase the use of different resources, including water and electricity.

If you suspect that one or more appliances in your home are starting to work inefficiently, or you can hear strange noises emanating from them, get a plumbing company over immediately to figure out what’s wrong.

Leaky Faucets and Toilets

Faucets and toilets are two of the most used components within any home. With constant usage and regular wear and tear, they are also more prone to breakage and leakage than any other component.

A drip of water every other minute or so from your faucet may not seem like a big deal to you, but it can lead to liters of water being lost per day when you don’t get it fixed immediately. If the sealants and gaskets on your toilets are wearing thin or breaking down, it can cause constant leaks that cause wet floors and become a hazard for anyone nearby.

Getting a plumber to reapply the sealant or replace the gasket is the only option available when you want to decrease your water bills and make sure that your home remains safe.

Water Softeners

Households with water softeners are subjected to high utility bills as there is constant backwash. It can lead to the entire system getting stuck and keep the cycle running continuously. The tank can often overfill and not empty, which can also lead to water wastage.

You should regularly check your water softener system to ensure no backlogs and overuse of water. Many houses utilize different types of water softeners so that you can find plenty of information available with your local plumber.

Outdoor Leaks

Water could be sneaking its way outside your home too. From your sprinkler system to your garden hoses, there can be many areas where leakages can occur. You can look towards the exterior regions of your home, the garden, curb, and driveway to see signs of water flow. If you can see water in any of these areas regularly, there might be leakage.

Call a plumber if you feel like there are leakages or water is escaping from your home and causing an excessive rise in your water bill. They can also look for underground leaks through sewer camera inspections to ensure that you’re not paying for water you’re not consuming.

Outdated Plumbing Fixtures and System

When you have old plumbing fixtures and pipes, it’s natural to expect some water loss over time. Your pipe system could have many areas which are corroded and have small leaks all over. It may not seem like significant water loss, but it can certainly rack up on your water bill over time.

Old fittings like your showerhead can waste up to four gallons of water every time you shower. Replacing your fixtures for water-efficient versions will ensure that they’re working better and lessening your water bill instead of increasing it. You can talk to your plumber about the best water-efficient fixtures available for your plumbing system.

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Once our plumber comes over to inspect your home’s plumbing system, you can expect an immediate decrease in your water utility bills with their advice. Call (346) 800-3316 to schedule an appointment immediately!

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