Main Plumbing Technologies That Your Plumber Can Help You With | Katy, TX

Main Plumbing Technologies That Your Plumber Can Help You With | Katy, TX

Incorporating advanced technologies has increased and improved the way many industries operate over several years. Applying or using the technology tools has made the work easier for the plumbing sector. Hence, embracing the emerging phenomenal technologies is critical for homeowners. For example, using waterproof inspection cameras and Wi-Fi to open and close the taps seems quite interesting.

The current plumbing trends create room for higher quality services while making the work easier for the consumer. A reliable and professional plumber could guide you on the best and perfect trends that you can incorporate to minimize utility costs. Below are some of the technologies that Katy, TX homeowners should consider.

Smart Pipe System

The plumbing experts have developed an advanced way of pairing their drain rods and pipe cutters with the Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets. The gadgets are waterproof and feature cameras to ensure the plumbers offer the best services to their clients, the homeowners. The plumbing experts can detect the leaks long before serious water damage arises. Hence, homeowners can save on water because leaks are among the leading causes of high water utility bills due to water loss.

These smart pipes can regulate and monitor water pressure. Homeowners and their reliable plumbers get an alert whenever there is a leak, and the smart system pinpoints the exact location of the leak. Hence, the plumber will not have to do guesswork. They will get onto fixing the pipe immediately. Besides, you get to avert mildew, mold, and restorations that the expensive water damage could have occasioned. These pipe systems empower homeowners and make the plumbing experts’ work easier.

Air Baths and Freestanding Tubs

The other lust-worthy product you can have a plumber install at your home is a freestanding bathtub, whether modern or vintage. Are you contemplating remodeling the bathroom? Then a freestanding bathtub is something that you should consider. These bathtubs make a really strong and captivating design statement for your bathroom and are durable.

If you take regular baths, then a freestanding tub is something that you should consider. These bathrooms come in different colors, sizes, and shapes and may be customized to ensure that they meet your unique needs. Furthermore, these bathtubs are pretty easier to install compared to built-in bathtubs.

The other kind of tub to install in your bathroom is an air tub, also called a whirlpool. A whirlpool is a great addition if you like a spa-like touch in your bathroom. Instead of incorporating some air jets, whirlpools use low pressure to create a soothing massage effect delivered via many air bubbles in the water. Air baths usually clean themselves and do not require in-depth injector cleaners. Rather, they feature a natural airflow that can help remove dirt, preventing mold accumulation. They also consume less energy and are affordable.

Self-Diagnosing PEX Pipe

PEX, also called Polyethylene plastic, is an affordable kind of plastic with a distinct cellular structure. PEX’s new and improved structure improves the pipe’s flexibility because they can thrive in various weather conditions compared to the traditional pipes. They can conserve energy compared to copper pipes because they do not transfer heat. Further, the PEX pipes do not corrode, meaning that it isn’t rust-prone and resists scale buildup.

Today, many peoples prefer installing PEX piping to PVC and CPVC pipes because the glue isn’t needed to attach the pipes. These pipes can also self-diagnose any leaks, meaning that a plumber can pinpoint any fractures or cracks on the pipes. Because comprehending the working mechanics of the PEX pipes can be daunting to understand, it is wise to ensure that you seek insights from a plumber.

Battery-Operated Sump Pumps

When your basement is flooded with rainwater or leaks, a sump pump comes in handy. The main work of a sump pump is keeping your basement area dry and averting leakages that might result in floods. Sump pumps that aren’t connected directly to the primary power source can help greatly in moments of a power outage. The traditional sump pumps are nothing but converted direct current bilge pumps powered on gas. If you live in an older house, it is best to upgrade to a battery or gas-powered sump pump for safety.

To take the best step forward, you must consult a plumber who’s abreast with the current technology for guidance on the best way forward. Battery-operated sump pumps are highly versatile, meaning they can be incorporated into any Katy, TX home. To make them non-invasive, battery-operated systems are mainly installed on the primary system. They are fully automatic, and you do not have to worry about charging them because it recharges themselves. Further, battery-powered sump pumps automatically turn themselves off and on when power is available and unavailable.

Bathroom Sinks and Quartz Kitchen

For many years, stainless steel sinks were the standard and a popular choice in many households. But homeowners are now shifting to more luxurious and unique products these days. One of the leading sinks among homeowners for residential purposes is Quartz sinks. Quartz is an artificial material composed of natural quartz and acrylic resin. This makes the unit a stone composite sink that is more affordable and durable. It has a higher resistance to stains, scratches, impact, and heat. They have a smooth surface, making it easier to maintain and clean, absorb sounds, and are non-porous.

Further, quartz can also retain its original color because it doesn’t easily fade. The sinks may be under-mounted or top-mounted, and a professional plumber could guide you on the ideal options. They also will offer you advice on the color and shape to go for based on your kitchen or bathroom look and size. Whether rectangular, round, D-bowl configuration, or square, a reliable plumbing expert can help you select the perfect fit based on your preferences.

The Best Plumbers in Katy, TX

There are many ways to add a perfect touch to your bathroom, making it a classy look. Besides improving your bathroom or kitchen aesthetics, these technology trends ensure that your home has a higher resale value. Hence, by leveraging technology to make your bathroom more aesthetically appealing, you kill two birds using one stone. The technology ensures comfort and convenience at your home. Do you want to install more trendy fixtures at your home? Call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Huston today.

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