“Is That Why They Call It Snaking the Toilet?” The Emergency Plumber Faces Many Surprises | Katy, TX

“Is That Why They Call It Snaking the Toilet?” The Emergency Plumber Faces Many Surprises | Katy, TX

When our emergency plumber answers the call to clear your clogged drains, we bring all sorts of equipment so we can address the type of clog and the distance down the pipe where it’s located. We even have video equipment to inspect and confirm whether it’s a wad of paper or a plastic toy, each of which requires different strategies depending on whether they can be broken apart and sent on their way, or need to be extracted so they don’t clog further down. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston, we take care of a lot of toilet problems using a metal device called a “snake,” but did you know that sometimes plumbers discover actual snakes relaxing in the cool water of the bowl? Our emergency plumbers discover a lot of surprising challenges in your Katy, TX plumbing system and we can handle them expertly, though live snakes might be a job for a specialist.

Hopefully, you won’t have to call us for that. Kids are the source of many surprises flushed down the toilet, and definitely don’t be embarrassed to call and get prompt emergency plumber care no matter what’s down there. Our leak detection experts, unfortunately, can find all sorts of problems, from wiring damage to creatures building a home near the accidental water supply in your walls, and of course, if you have a slab leak it can cause water to pool under your foundation and rise up the sides of your home before anyone notices. No matter what the problem, our emergency plumber is always glad when you call and let us get to work before things get even worse. That’s what we’re here for! Here are some tips about identifying problems early, and some stories about what plumbers find that’s kind of unusual. For example, do you know how a bird building a nest on your roof can cause clogged sinks and toilets in your home?

Why Whole House Drain Cleaning Service Helps Avoid Emergency Plumber Calls

When your toilet backs up your sink doesn’t drain, chances are the problem is not too far down the pipe, even in the trap below. There are no guarantees, though, and homeowners often find that they plunge only to worsen the toilet problem, or remove some hair from the sink and get it flowing, only to have another slow flow situation soon after. The reason for that is a buildup of clog material along the pipes throughout your home down to the sewer, and sometimes even in the sewer where a large pileup of flushable but not biodegradable material gathers and slows your home’s drain flows throughout. Our emergency plumber can dig deeper into your drains to help fix that one problem more completely, but eventually, the whole system really needs a good flush. In fact, we often use high-pressure hydro-jet equipment that removes grease and other materials that start clogs forming, and start your pipes at zero so they’re less likely to cause trouble. If you’ve ever had situations where multiple drains stopped together, or a toilet flush resulted in a sink backup, you’ve seen the effect that blockages further down the line can cause. Our emergency plumber can use video equipment and years of experience to let you know what follow-up services could keep the number of emergency plumber visits down in the future.

Exploring the Walls for a Pipe Leak Is a Lot Tidier These Days

If you call us for leak detection and repair, even if the water is spilling through the ceiling the actual source of the leak may not be as obvious as it seems. Water flows along beams and through insulation and other materials, emerging wherever it accumulates after its trip through your home’s walls, ceilings, and floors. That can make a real mess inside, especially if the water lingers and causes mold growth or attracts pests that gather and cause destruction. You may even need an electrician to replace wires and fixtures affected by the leak. The good news is, with our electronic leak detection and internal video pipe inspection gear, we can locate leaks without having to open up walls along the way in most cases. You may need to open some later to dry out, but we can hear the leak’s ultrasonic signature and calculate the distance along the pipe to it, using video to note the type and cause of the leak, and even apply repairs in some cases. We’ll also see if the problem is corrosion that could cause leaks elsewhere. While there may be some surprises in your walls, thanks to our technology and experience, we can keep it minimized.

Birds Nests Blocking Your Sinks and Toilets

If your upstairs sinks and toilets are slow, or perhaps you hear a gurgling noise in the toilet, it may not be what you think. That’s especially true if there’s an additional, dangerous clue that requires an emergency plumber visit: sewer gas smell. The possible cause we’re talking about is a blockage of your plumbing vent up on the roof, that both vents sewer gas and releases the vacuum effect of water going down your drains. Without the vent to balance the system, such as when a nest is neatly built in it, it may look like you have clogs below when the issue is up above.

Your Expert Plumber, Ready to Respond to Emergencies in Katy, TX

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston, our plumbers are ready for emergencies as well as carefully planned services and installation of dishwashers, water heaters, and other appliances. That’s the benefit of our careful training and years of experience. We’re also up to date on the latest leak detection technology, video inspection, and pipe repair techniques, helping our Katy, TX customers to save on pipe repair, drain cleaning, even sewer, and water line repairs rather than replacement. Call today for expert plumbing help!

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