How Can A Plumber Deal With Sewer Backups? | Sugar Land, TX

How Can A Plumber Deal With Sewer Backups? | Sugar Land, TX

The sewer system carries the wastewater from your Sugar Land, TX, home for disposal. It plays a silent but critical role in ensuring the hygiene and sanitation of your home. Therefore, you should ensure that it remains intact and clean for the wastewater to flow seamlessly into the septic or municipal sewer line. Unfortunately, like other components of your plumbing system, the sewer system might run into problems. Sewer systems problems include ruptured sewer lines, clogs, and sewer backups.

However, sewer backups are particularly harmful. They make your yard a sight for the sore eye, and they can cause sanitation-related diseases like cholera. Hence, call an emergency plumber for further inspection whenever you notice a pungent smell or wastewater backing up your toilet or bathroom sinks.

What Exactly Causes a Sewer Backup?

Clogging of Pipes

Clogged pipes are the major causes of sewer backups. Substances such as toilet paper, hair, soap, grease, and the occasional toys that may be mistakenly flushed into the toilet cause clogs. Non-flushable hygiene items such as cleaning wipes and diapers will clog your pipes. Unfortunately, sewer backups aren’t limited to a single sink or toilet. They can affect several plumbing fixtures connected to the drains since the sewer line adjoins various drainage systems. Whenever your sewer system starts backing up, an emergency plumbing issue requires an emergency plumber’s attention. The professional will use camera inspection tools to inspect the cause of the problem and institute measures to prevent backups.

Damaged Pipes

The other reason you might experience sewer backups is the pipes’ condition. When was your home constructed? Have you replaced the piping recently? Sewer pipes may be damaged by abrasion, corrosion, and rusting. When either of these acts on the pipes, their walls are weakened, exposing them to breaking or fracturing. When this happens, soil and debris enter the pipes, resulting in a clog. This effectively prevents the wastewater from flowing into the municipal sewer system or septic tank. As a result, water will start flowing back into your home.

Intrusion By Tree Roots

Those lovely trees in your garden could cause a sewer system failure. Aggressive roots are another major cause of drainage and sewerage clogs. They can penetrate your drainage and sewer pipes, puncturing and breaking them. The tree roots can cause clogging themselves or might create entry points for soil and other debris into the sewer system, resulting in sewer backups. As a result, you’ll be forced to call a professional plumber to come and repair the sewer system. Since sewage pipes are rich in nutrients, air, and moisture, tree roots are drawn to them.

Five Ways to Limit Sewage System Replacement

Never Flush the Non-Flushable Objects

Pipes clogged by flushing things that should not be flushed down a toilet are a leading cause of sewer backups! Hygiene materials, disposable paper, napkins, makeup-remover wipes, ‘flushable’ wipes, and general waste can all block your sewer system. Don’t use your toilet as your trash can. It will eventually clog and necessitate a call to your reliable plumber in Sugar Land, TX, for further inspection. So, only flush what is flushable, and don’t use your toilet as a garbage collection point. This way, your drainage system will be free from substances that can result in clogging.

Properly Get Rid of Kitchen Grease

Kitchen grease is also one reason your sewer system might end up blocked. The viscous grease hardens and solidifies upon cooling. Other materials such as food waste, hair, and debris collect around it, resulting in a hard clog. Avoid a sewer backup by not pouring grease down the sink and dispose of it properly. You can pour the grease into a can and dispose of it later. Additionally, have a plumber install a grease trap in your kitchen drains to prevent the grease from ever finding its way into the drainage system and, ultimately, the sewer line.

Keep the Invasive Tree Roots at Bay

Proper landscaping can keep tree roots from rupturing and invading your pipes. Choose species with small root systems if you plan to plant trees or large shrubs near underground pipes. However, trees growing near the sewer system will ultimately break it in search of moisture and nutrients. If you have any shrubs or trees growing over the water line or sewer system, have a tree removal professional help you cut them down and remove their stumps. You can also have a plumber erect a root barrier around the sewer line to inhibit root penetration.

Change the Old Piping

Does your home have aged pipes? Was it constructed in the ’70s? Your pipes may be vulnerable to bursting if they are over 50 years old. These old pipes have deteriorated over time due to rusting and abrasion. Damaged pipelines can cause more than just sewage backups; they can harm your family’s health. But how can you know the age of your piping? This is where a plumbing technician comes in. The professionals are equipped with an inspection camera that they can use to check the nature of the interiors of your pipes. Hire a plumber to use trenchless technology to replace sewer pipes made of iron, lead, or old. It causes the least amount of disruption in your yard or home.

Conduct Periodic Maintenance Inspections

Occasional plumbing inspections and maintenance are essential. If you have older pipes and want to keep them in good condition, scheduling a sewer video inspection with a professional plumber is a good idea. The professionals will use inspection cameras to inspect your pipes and detect any cracks or obstructions.

Let’s Help You Deal With Those Sewer Backups

Are you dealing with a sewer backup issue? We can help. Our able, experienced, and licensed plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston can promptly address the root cause of the problem to ensure that your home remains hygienic and your family is protected. Contact us today for prompt sewer line repair in Sugar Land, TX.

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