How A Plumber Can Help You Deal With Basement Floods | Sugar Land, TX

How A Plumber Can Help You Deal With Basement Floods | Sugar Land, TX

The state of Texas has several water bodies. Because of its distinct topography, you’ll most likely find water several feet below the surface. Hence, the soil becomes quickly saturated with water in case of leakage at your home. Additionally, the weather conditions may also wreak havoc on your drainage system. You need to enlist a plumber in Sugar Land, TX, for plumbing maintenance.

Have you ever experienced flooding at your home? If you have, you understand that dealing with a flooded basement is a nightmare. Besides damaging your property and plumbing, you might lose your keepsakes and other valuable items. Regular maintenance and preventative measures with a reliable plumbing service ensure that a plumbing issue may be caught beforehand and fixed before severe damage occurs.

How a Plumber Deals with Flooded Basements

Find Out What Is Causing the Flooding

Is your basement prone to flooding? Then you can resolve the issue once and for all by locating the source of the problem and addressing it. Plumbing leaks are among the common reasons for flooding. The leaks come from a leaky water heater, tank, or burst pipe. A clogged sewer system’s backing up or overflowing septic tank may also result in flooding. This poses a significant health hazard to your home because it may result in water-borne diseases such as dysentery and sanitation-related illnesses such as cholera. Hence, hiring a plumber near you would serve you best to address sewer leaks and back-ups. Extreme downpour, crack in the foundation, and poor drainage system might add up and result in a flooded basement. Calling a professional is the perfect way of ensuring that the problem is repaired permanently.

Installing the Sump Pump and Ensuring It Is in Good Health

The sump pump is a device that directs the water flooding your basement out of your home. The sump refers to a hole below the ground level of your basement that holds the machine. The sump pump’s job is to sense whenever the water level rises. Once it does, it begins vibrating and directs the excess water out from the basement.

Hence, it’s always good to have a preventative measure in a sump pump rather than deal with basement floods. Hence, sump pumps are an added necessity if your home is flooding-prone. A local plumbing professional can help you install a sump pump and conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that it is optimally operating and up to the task.

Provide Emergency Services

Can you access your basement after it has flooded? If not, you better call an emergency plumbing service provider near you. The professionals have enough training, tools, and expertise to handle that situation efficiently. The plumber will begin by draining out water from the basement. They do this by running a sump pump in your Sugar Land, TX basement.

If you haven’t installed a sump pump or the unit isn’t working, the plumbing expert can manually drain the water from the basement. After clearing out the water, the professionals use industrial fans and dehumidifiers to dry out your basement. When the basement isn’t sufficiently dried, mold and mildew might begin growing, giving you another problem to address. Upon drying the basement, have an electrician inspect the power lines and sockets to ensure that they are in great condition.

Inspecting the Drainage Pipes

The drainage pipes experience lots of wear and tear, especially during the heavy rain. The incessant downpour might result in twigs, leaves, debris, and sludge lodges in your drain pipes. If you don’t clean the pipes, the water pressure might make them begin leaking or even burst open. A blocked drain pipe may cause more harm than good in cold weather.

The water and debris might freeze up within the pipes and then expand. This could result in cracks and pipe bursts. An experienced plumbing service provider should inspect the drainage pipes and water lines to prevent the basement from flooding, especially during the rainy and extremely cold seasons.

Provide Regular Maintenance

If left unattended, the plumbing leaks might result in severe issues down the line. The sewer leaks are worse because of the pungent smell and unhygienic smell. However, routine maintenance checks and drain cleaning activities may ensure that your home’s plumbing remains in good condition. Hence, enlist a local plumber for a drainage system inspection service.

The professional then uses their tools to clean your clogged pipes and drainage system, check your septic tank, inspect the sewer line, clean the gutters, check the downspouts, inspect your sump pump, and many more. By making these checks regularly, you can catch the issues early before they develop into full-blown catastrophes and have them fixed. The plumber may repair or replace the malfunctioning parts before the plumbing fixture or machinery breaks down.

What Should You Do When Your Basement Floods?

When it comes to a flooded basement, your safety is greatly important. Hence, you should first turn off the main power source to your basement. This ensures that you or your family members don’t get electrocuted. Hence, ensure that you don’t touch any switches or buttons that have come into contact with water. So, what should you do if you cannot reach the power source? Then you should stay out of your basement and immediately enlist the assistance of a plumbing service provider.

Additionally, close the main water valve at your home to control or regulate the effects of flooding. Again, plumbing experts can diagnose what is causing the flooding: a sewage leakage or a pipe burst. Either way, it could serve you best to close the water supply to your basement to avoid further damage. Hence, call a plumber near Sugar Land, TX, to have your basement cleared more safely.

Your Reputable Plumbers

A basement is an important part of your home. Unfortunately, they are sometimes prone to flooding. These floods may be caused by plumbing issues such as leaking pipes and faucets or even surface runoff after a heavy downpour. However, as explained above, a plumbing service provider can offer several services to remove the flooding water from your basement. Call our plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston if you need your basement flood cleared.

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