Here’s Why You Need To Contact A Plumber For Unusual Signs of Plumbing Trouble | Sugar Land, TX

Here’s Why You Need To Contact A Plumber For Unusual Signs of Plumbing Trouble | Sugar Land, TX

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Like any other city, plumbing troubles are quite common locally. Most homeowners do not give heed to the signs of plumbing problems in their house until the situation goes out of control and ends up demanding considerable repair or replacement.

DIY methods can indeed be sufficient for fixing specific issues in the plumbing system. For instance, you may put a blocked toilet back to smooth operation after a little bit of plunging. However, some unusual signs indicate a problem in your plumbing system, and why you must call a professional plumber to get them fixed.

Odd Smell in the House

If you are noticing an odd smell in your house, the source of which you cannot find, it might be time to call an expert. Sewage-like stench may be a sign of a burst sewer line, which you cannot see but smell. The worst thing you would want is having this sewage water backing up into your taps. Call in a plumbing expert to fix the line before the situation gets worse.

Backing Up Water from an Unexpected Place

You can quickly know the source of problems like blocked toilets and leaking pipes. But when water starts backing up from an unexpected place. For example, when you run the laundry and the water leaks in another bathroom’s shower, you may feel perplexed as to what is happening.

Unexpected water backup may indicate a clog in the outer pipes of your house or an issue in the main sewer line. Reaching the mainline requires digging the ground for a few feet. The experts will come to your house, identify the problem, and run the camera down there before starting the digging process. So, calling a plumber is worth it.

Slow Drain or Low Water Pressure

Most homeowners ignore the problem of low water pressure or slow drain issues. Although the bath takes a few minutes to drain out, many people do not see it as a significant inconvenience. But in reality, ignoring this problem is not a good idea. It may indicate a clog forming in your pipes or a crack that may get bigger in the future.

Call in a plumber to ensure that the issue gets fixed before it turns into a huge inconvenience.

Burst Pipes

Several reasons can result in a burst pipe in your system, like aging pipes, external pressure, pressure due to clogs, improperly laid pipes, etc. A burst pipe’s signs include excessively high water bills, smell like rotten eggs, and fluctuating water pressure.

If you suspect a burst pipe, turn off the water to prevent worsening of the situation. After taking these precautionary steps, call your plumber to arrive and do the fixing. Although burst pipe is a common problem, it is not something you can deal with yourself. You would require a serious expert to fix the things safely.

Frozen Pipes

Although winters are mild and do not snow in Sugar Land, TX, another common plumbing problem could be frozen pipes. Since north winds in the region accompany winters, you may start noticing signs of frozen pipes, such as trickling water and visible frost on the pipes.

Once a pipe gets frozen, it can burst at any time, and you need to take care of it immediately. Having a plumber assess and fix the problem can prevent further issues down the line. They may thaw the ice using a heat gun and allow the water to flow through the pipe. Professionals come with specialty tools to have such issues fixed in time.

No Water at all

No water in the faucets can be a great inconvenience, and it also indicates a significant issue in your plumbing lines. Slow and clogged drains are fixable, but it may mean an issue with your main sewer line if there is no water at all. Even if there is a clog or burst, the problem is so big that it cannot be solved by snaking. Such an infamous pipe can be cleared by an experienced plumber only.

No Hot Water

Lack of hot water can sign a gas leak, which is extremely important to be fixed immediately. It is not only a huge inconvenience but a major risk too. In the US alone, 17 people die on average due to gas leaks.

No hot water may result from a faulty heating system. If you notice a lack of heated water in your house, you should call in a plumber without wasting any time. When left unattended, the issue may get more severe over time and pose a major life threat.

Tree Roots Growing Inside the Pipes

Tree roots growing inside is a common problem in pipes laid around the garden area. Roots may find their way through the pipes and cause leaks and clogs. A professional can put a camera down them and have a look. Tree roots inside the pipes can be an extensive and expensive fix, depending on the problem’s extent. But most of the time, you need to get them replaced.

Failed DIY Methods

DIY methods can fix specific plumbing issues in your house. But if you have tried your best and nothing seems to work, then it’s time to call in a plumber. Never put chemicals in your drains without proper knowledge and experience. Leave that to the professionals. Otherwise, you may end up causing even more damage than before.

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