Drain Pipe Options A Plumbing Company Installs In Residential Properties | Sugar Land, TX

Drain Pipe Options A Plumbing Company Installs In Residential Properties | Sugar Land, TX

Pipes are a crucial part of the plumbing and drainage system as they facilitate the flow of clean water in fixtures and wastewater out to the septic tanks. Finding the correct type of drain pipes can be challenging, especially if you have no idea which pipe is best for your bathroom, toilet, kitchen, bathtub, shower, and laundry area drains. Unlike water lines, drain pipes have larger diameters because of the type of waste they remove in houses.

When ready to change your drain lines for new ones that effectively eliminate human waste and used water during renovations or in your new construction, call a plumbing company for quality services throughout the process.

Contractors in reputable companies such as bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston can assist you from purchasing to installation. They can help you choose the correct pipes from many drain pipes in the plumbing market. Below is a list of drainage pipelines you should consider for your residential building.

PVC Drain Lines

Polyvinyl Chloride pipes are the most used plastic pipelines for supplying clean water and eliminating wastewater. The rust-resistant drain lines are one of the best options for piping your drainage because of their durability and affordability.

They are cost-effective and have a generic appearance that makes them fit in hidden places. PVC pipes are versatile as they come in different colors, sizes, and diameters. Plumbers from your preferred plumbing company can recommend the pipes because they are easy to use and install using glue, cement, and pipe fittings.

Environmentalists also go for PVC pipes as they are environmentally friendly. They have no bisphenol A (BPA) chemical and are recyclable at the end of their lifespan. The pipes are among the best options for drains because they are hard to unjoin, meaning they can last the longest with proper installation. However, the unjoining can also be a downside in case of repairs.

Homes that frequently use hot water can be against the PVC pipes for their drainage because they are not heat resistant. A plumber working in a reputable plumbing company in Sugar Land, TX cannot recommend the pipe for outdoor piping systems because exposure to the sun makes them brittle.

Corrugated Drainage Pipes

Homeowners installing new drain pipelines in their new home or replacing damaged or burst drain lines can opt for corrugated pipes. They have a series of alternating ridges and grooves that makes them flexible and fit for installation in areas that require flexibility, including corners, because they bend in turns.

Corrugated pipelines are also highly versatile because you can choose from diverse pipe colors and sizes that meet your preferences and the drainage needs in your home. In addition, the pipes have better performance for outdoor drains because they prevent water from accumulating in one place, keeping the driveways and driveways dry after cleaning and rain.

You can also choose from diverse materials, including plastic and metal. An expert from the hired plumbing company can help you select corrosion-free pipes if you prefer metallic corrugated drain pipes.

PEX Pipes

Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) pipelines are also a type you can consider for your drains. They are the latest pipelines under the plastic pipes in the plumbing industry today, an improvement of the PVC option in terms of flexibility.

Plumbers hired from a reputable plumbing company can connect long cross-linked polyethylene in all your drains because of the ability to bend and curve in corners and other turns that need flexible pipes. They also opt for PEX pipes because they are easier to install than most drain lines, saving them time to handle other residential or commercial plumbing issues.

Your preferred plumbing company in Sugar Land, TX can choose PEX pipes rather than PVC pipes for outdoor drains because they are heat resistant. Its contractors can also recommend the pipes in homes that fail to winterize their exposed pipes during winter because they do not burst easily like other pipes. Unlike PVC pipelines, PEX is environmentally unfriendly because they are unrecyclable.

Since the pipes are still new in the plumbing market, their durability is not a feature most plumbers can prove now, maybe after several years. Apart from being effective and efficient water and electric lines, PEX can also come in handy as drain pipes if you can get the size that meets your drainage demands.

Plus, technicians in a recognized plumbing company can advocate for drain pipes for clients looking for affordable options.

Copper Pipes

Besides being the best for water and vent lines, copper pipelines can also be a better option for drainage systems. The new rigid and soft copper lines are rust-resistant, implying they can last for many years.

Unlike PEX pipes, copper pipes are highly susceptible to bursting when the water inside them expands due to exposure to icy temperatures. Moreover, highly heat-resistant copper drain pipes are best for floor, bathroom, and trench outdoor drains.

The contractors can use concrete to install the copper pipes in your drainage system. Since the pipelines are more expensive than most pipes, it is safe for a contractor from a nearby plumbing company to connect the drain pipes in hidden places to safeguard them from thieves.

So, if the cost of the pipes is not an issue, copper pipes are a better option for drains in homes in terms of durability and outstanding performance.

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Since drain pipes are many in the plumbing market, it does not have to be complicated to choose the correct drain lines that will serve the drainage needs in your home. You can get assistance from experts to explain the pros and cons of the pipes and recommend types of pipes to consider, narrowing your search.

When you want your old drain pipes replaced, do not hesitate to reach out to bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston. We offer exceptional services for commercial and residential customers in Sugar Land, TX. The plumbing company has certified and qualified experts who can address numerous issues, including leak detection, repiping, and installation of new fixtures, faucets, and fittings.

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