Drain Cleaning Service: What To Do If Your Sewer Drains Clog Up Frequently | Memorial City

Drain Cleaning Service: What To Do If Your Sewer Drains Clog Up Frequently | Memorial City

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The sewer system is the backbone of any home’s plumbing system. Although you may not think about it too much, the sewer system makes it possible for all wastewater to disperse from your home without dealing with it. Pipes from your kitchen sink and your washroom connect to the main sewer system, and from there, it is dispersed to the sewage system. Hence, although the sewer system is not mentioned much, it is a necessity.

When your sewer system starts acting up, it is understandable to feel frustrated; no one wants to pause their everyday routine to deal with frequent clogs. The sewer system getting clogged could indicate a larger problem. Hence, if you notice any issues with your sewer system, it is essential to call a drain cleaning service. Hiring a drain cleaning ensures that you get professional help with your plumbing issues. You can ensure that there are no hidden problems with your plumbing system and make sure that your clog is completely resolved with their help.

Find yourself dealing with clogged sewer drains often? Identifying some common reasons why sewer drains are clogged will help you prevent further clogs due to negligence.

Common Reasons for Sewer Drain Clogs

Sometimes, there may be some location-specific reason why your drain seems to back up or drain slowly. When you hire a professional drain cleaning service they will provide more information about your sewer system. In general, a drain cleaning has to deal with sewer drain clogs due to some common reasons.

Tree Roots

There is some bad news in store for those who have a large front or back yard and love to plant big trees. Tree roots naturally grow towards the source of water and nutrition. Thus, if you have some trees in your yard, you can expect them to grow towards your sewer line, and over time, the roots may wrap around the pipes, piercing them and disrupting the natural flow of the water.

Although the tree roots initially may not cause your sewer drains to be clogged since water can still pass through them, it will significantly slow down the draining process. When you notice slower drainage, make sure to call a drain cleaning service to deal with it. Once they arrive, the professionals will assess the situation. They will deal with the issue so it doesn’t get worse.

Debris and Small Objects

Whether it is due to a mistake or because some people treat their drain like a garbage can, debris and a small object often make their way down the drain. While smaller debris may pass through the system without a problem, these can collect and cause clogs over time. As more debris starts to collect in your drainage system, the drainage slows down and causes issues.

Hiring professional drain cleaning service, in this case, is crucial as they will need to clean your pipes thoroughly to ensure that it is free of debris, small objects or particles which can build up and cause blockages.

Grease or Oils

No one wants to deal with an oily mess, but since it is a liquid, it should be fine to pour down the drain, right? This is a common misconception among homeowners and can lead to drain blockages, as any drain cleaning service professionals will inform you.

Grease, fats, and oils may seem harmless, but they solidify in the cold and cause your drain to get blocked; they are the most common culprits when it comes to drain blockages. Hence, it is best to start pouring your greasy substance in a different container rather than trying to flush it down your kitchen sink, as a professional drain cleaning would advise you.

Aggravated Clogs

Often, homeowners may ignore the signs of sewer system problems until it worsens. When the drain finally clogs up or disrupts drainage, people are eager to try out DIY hacks rather than call a drain cleaning system. While some DIY hacks may seem easy, it is advised that people refrain from trying out these hacks as they may complicate the problem further. Even if the issue may seem minor, calling professionals is the best route.

Drain Clogs: What Should You Do?

Clogged drains are frustrating, and you will want to deal with them as soon as possible. When dealing with a clogged drain, ensure that you call a professional drain cleaning service in Memorial City. Calling professional services ensures that the real cause is addressed.

There is no need to rely on DIY tricks with a professional, which often worsens the problem. They can clear out drain clogs completely and don’t just for the time being. Hiring professionals mean that you can get a thorough check-up of your plumbing system and address issues before they worsen.

However, before you call the professionals, ensure that you turn off your main water supply safely. In case you are not sure how to turn it off, ensure that you do not turn on the sink or try to flush the toilet as it will further aggravate the problem.

Convey the issue clearly once the drain cleaning service professionals arrive and ensure that they can get around the house without any issues. When hiring a professional drain cleaning service, keep in mind that they will have industrial-grade instruments and will require free space to work comfortably.

Calling Local Service

When facing drainage system issues, it is best to call your local drain cleaning service. Whether it is a complicated clog such as tree roots making their way into your drainage system, or something as simple as a small object disrupting drainage, with professionals, you can get a thorough clean up you’re your pipes.

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