Drain Cleaning Service: The Dangers Of Using Chemical-Based Drain Cleaners | Sugar Land, TX

Drain Cleaning Service: The Dangers Of Using Chemical-Based Drain Cleaners | Sugar Land, TX

The drainage system plays a crucial role at your Sugar Land, TX home. It is the part of your plumbing system that drives away the wastes from your home into a septic tank or main municipal sewer system for proper disposal. Therefore, it isn’t wrong to say that a properly working drainage system ensures comfort at home.

Like any other part of your plumbing, the drainage system is also prone to some issues like clogs and leaks. A malfunctioning drain might spell doom for your home. From backflows, fruit flies, and sewer odors to disease outbreaks caused by germs in the septic or sewer system, you don’t want to experience the issues from problematic drains. That is why you clean your drains yearly with the help of a drain cleaning service.

Though you may be tempted to use chemicals, you will find out why this is a terrible idea in a moment. Chemical-based cleaners exist in foam, gel, liquid, or powder form. Whenever you pour these chemical-based cleaners into a sink or bathtub, they induce a chemical reaction that usually generates heat. Then, it will dry, dissolving the blockage to make it easier to flush into the drains. However, the generated heat doesn’t only affect the blockage in most cases. It can also harm the pipes or even the person cleaning the drains. Hence, always call a plumber for drain cleaning services whenever needed.

Dangers of Using Chemical-Based Drain Cleaners

Some property owners might resort to using chemical-based drain cleaners, thinking that somehow, they would unclog or clean their drains. You’d even find some Sugar Land, TX homeowners that can swear the drain cleaners work. Although they may work, chemical-based cleaners aren’t a permanent solution to removing a major drainage clog. Even after using them, you still might have to seek the help of a plumber for drain cleaning.

The licensed and experienced plumbers never use such drain cleaners since they know the impacts of using them. They instead use an inspection or drain camera to locate the clog and what is blocking the wastewater flow within the drains. Based on the issue, the professional uses their experience to develop a cost-effective solution to help them permanently resolve the issue. Below are some of the dangers or reasons why chemical-based cleaners are harmful to you, your drainage system, and the environment. Rather than use them, hire a plumber for an expert drain cleaning.

Health Hazard

Sometimes the chemical-based drain cleaners might create toxic fumes that might harm or irritate your lungs. This is mainly because you lack the protective gear or don’t take the necessary precautions. You might not even have read the label. Instead, you pour the drain cleaner down the sink or toilet with no proper ventilation or protective gear. This might even harm your family if you don’t take the necessary care.

Improperly using the chemical-based drains cleaners might create a slew of health issues, including burns whenever they come into contact with the skin of the person using them. To avert such accidents, homeowners are advised to forego such methods and instead seek the help of a plumber for the drain cleaning service.

Chemical-Based Drain Cleaners Harm the Environment

Chemical-based drain cleaners might find their way into the sources of water. Their containers might also cause issues when disposed of in landfills. Besides harming the pipes making the drains, they can also affect the environment. The only way of preventing this issue is to get an expert drain cleaning service near your home. When a certified and experienced drain cleaning professional cleans your drainage system, you will never have to worry about such dangers to the environment. The professionals have industry-accepted drain cleaning solutions that have been tested and approved. They also have the gear to make completing the task safe and faster. Using the drain snakes, inspection cameras, and hydro-jetters, you can rest assured the plumber will effectively complete the job. Ultimately, the plumber will leave your drains clean and healthier after the service.


The other and most severe effect of chemical-based drain cleaners is they can produce enough heat to the extent that it may cut through your drains. If you use them constantly over an extended period, you should expect to seek the help of your nearby plumber for an expensive pipe replacement. You are advised never to use such cleaners, especially if your plumbing system is pretty old. You might find yourself having to replace the pipes sooner than you had expected. Therefore, schedule an appointment for drain cleaning services with a professional plumber to avoid such replacements and repairs.

Can Damage Fixtures

The chemical-based drain cleaners typically contain reactive acids that may potentially damage your bathtubs, toilets, or sinks. They can also damage your bathroom fixtures’ enamel-based finish. To avoid purchasing such costly replacements, you better seek the assistance of a plumber near you in the area for expert drain cleaning.

Although they are heavily advertised as a possible solution to blockages in your drainage system, don’t fall for this. If you are a homeowner who cares about your plumbing system, then enlist the assistance of a reliable and experienced drain cleaning service. These professionals are well equipped and trained to handle all kinds of blockages from your home. Homeowners who need comprehensive drain cleaning can benefit from tools like hydro jetters. These units can remove any lodged particle or clog blocking the drains.

Dangerous to Children

Regardless of the safety precautions you follow when using chemical-based drain cleaners, you’ll still expose your pets and children to toxic chemicals. There is only one sure way of averting accidents or toxic poisoning to your home or children is by not using chemical-based drain cleaners. Instead, seek the help of an experienced plumbing expert for a drain cleaning service. They never use chemicals.

Thorough Drain Cleaning Services on Sugar Land, TX

The drainage system at your home might run into problems like leaks and clogs. These issues can lead to other secondary problems like backflows and reduced pressure. Although you might be tempted to use chemical-based drain cleaners, they aren’t the ideal solution, as you’ve seen above. Instead, hire a plumber to clean your drainage system. Call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston if you need a drain cleaning service.

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