DIY Repair VS Hiring A Licensed Plumber | Katy, TX

DIY Repair VS Hiring A Licensed Plumber | Katy, TX

Plumbing issues can make life in your home very inconvenient. For example, you can’t use the sink or tub if they’re clogged, and you also can’t use a clogged toilet. Water quality issues will make the water unsafe, and water heater issues will result in cold water coming from the hot water taps.

Many people today make home repairs DIY projects. Although do-it-yourself is great for some home repairs, a plumbing repair isn’t one of them.

If you’re planning to fix the problem yourself, you should understand why this is a bad idea, and hiring a plumber in Katy, TX, is the better option.

#1 Diagnosing Problems

Your plumbing system is complex, and some problems can be due to multiple issues, making diagnosing plumbing problems challenging. For example, you may think that the water is brown or rust-colored due to a corroded pipe, but it could also be due to sediment in the water tank, or the inside of the tank could be breaking down. If you attempt to fix a problem, but it is caused by something else, you’ll waste a lot of time and energy.

A licensed plumber will inspect the plumbing system, keeping the possible causes in mind, allowing them to repair the right part of the plumbing system quickly, resolving the issue sooner than you could by attempting a DIY repair.

#2 Access to Modern Equipment

Most homeowners own a plunger, and some own a drain snake, and that’s the extent of their plumbing equipment. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough equipment to make a DIY repair, and it’s best to hire a professional.

Plumbers use drain cameras to find clogs and evaluate the health of the pipes, allowing them to detect a minor issue before it escalates to something more serious that is more expensive and challenging to repair. They also use leak detection equipment to locate hidden leaks, allowing them to replace the pipe quickly. Most professionals use drain snakes to clear the water lines; some use air jetting and hydro jetting, which provide better results than drain snakes. Plumbing repair technology has improved, and modern equipment makes diagnosing and repairing plumbing problems easier, so it’s best to hire a licensed professional to resolve the issue.

#3 Training and Skill

A licensed plumber has undergone years of professional training and apprenticeship to learn their craft. Although you can find do-it-yourself videos online, you can’t learn what you’ll need to know to fix a plumbing problem by watching a ten-minute video. If you don’t have the necessary training, you won’t have the skills to diagnose and repair the problem correctly, and you could end up doing more damage trying to resolve the issue yourself.

A licensed plumber in Katy, TX, has the necessary training and skill to correctly diagnose and repair plumbing problems without causing further damage.

#4 Saves Money

Most people attempt DIY plumbing repair to avoid paying a professional. However, hiring a professional can be more cost-effective. You’ll need the proper tools to make a plumbing repair, and buying everything you need can be expensive. Also, without the necessary training, you could cause more damage to the system while making the repair, and you’ll need to hire a plumber to fix the damage you caused. They’ll need to repair the initial problem and the damage you caused, resulting in a costly repair bill. If you hire a licensed professional, the problem will be fixed the first time without causing any further damage. Hiring a professional is more cost-effective than a DIY repair.

#5 Saves Time

Most people lead busy lives. Between work, family, home care, and social engagements, there isn’t much time for anything else, including a DIY plumbing repair. Without the necessary training, skill, and experience, diagnosing and fixing the problem can take an entire afternoon.

If you don’t want to spend the little free time you have repairing a plumbing problem, it’s best to hire a plumber in Katy, TX. A licensed professional has the skill and experience to fix the problem quickly, and you can spend your free time doing something you enjoy.

#6 Appliance Warranties

Many people will try to install water-based appliances, such as a dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator with an ice maker and water dispenser, and a water heater, to save money. Unfortunately, DIY appliance installation isn’t the best option, and hiring a licensed professional is best.

If you make a mistake while installing the appliance, you could cause a flood or damage the appliance, which can be costly. Also, most new appliances come with a warranty, and a DIY installation will void it, and you’ll need to pay for all future repairs yourself.

A plumber will have the knowledge and experience to install the appliance correctly, eliminating the risk of a flood and damage, and the warranty will remain valid.

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