Dangers Of Hiring An Unlicensed Plumber For Plumbing Projects | Katy, TX

Dangers Of Hiring An Unlicensed Plumber For Plumbing Projects | Katy, TX

Homeowners can encounter numerous plumbing issues ranging from pipe leaks, clogs, frozen pipes, faulty water heaters, and water filter problems to sewer system maintenance.

You might also face plumbing emergencies that require urgent repair or replacement services. Any plumbing problem requires a qualified and experienced plumber to ensure 100 percent satisfaction after services.

Getting the best in the industry requires you to start the tedious process of searching through referrals and online. If you are not willing to take your time looking for trustworthy and highly renowned companies to hire, you are susceptible to employing unqualified technicians. The following are some dangers of hiring an unlicensed plumbing contractor in Texas.

Lack of Insurance Coverage

Plumbing issues are better left for professionals to tackle if you want better left for professionals. Unskilled technicians can leave your house in shambles when you call them to handle simple to complex problems. The worst chaos they can create is water damage or electrical accidents, leading to the destruction of valuables and injuries.

If you have insurance coverage for your house and everything against water damage or electrical hazards, you can fail to get compensation for the destroyed property. The insurer can link the problem to your ignorance of hiring an unlicensed plumber putting your home at risk.

If the investigation findings trace the destructive issue to the quack, you might use your money to restore the damage and replace parts of your house that are beyond repair.

So, to be on the safe side, always deal with licensed and insured plumbing experts for all your plumbing concerns. Having a qualified plumber from a licensed and insured company in Katy, TX can also be beneficial because they might cover the mess they create.

Risk of Legal Issues

Texas offers licenses to qualified master, journeyman, and tradesman plumbing professionals that demonstrate competence and fitness to carry out projects. The work permit allows trained and skilled technicians to handle different plumbing problems according to their qualifications. Employing unlicensed plumbing contractors means they have no work permit to render their services to you.

They can work in a rush, leaving your plumbing system in a mess because all they are after is payment. If they destroy parts of your plumbing system, you might sue the plumber for negligence.

The legal processes are expensive, and you might fail to get compensation if the court determines your role in hiring the contractor without confirming your license status.

Increased Safety Problems

When getting plumbing services from a nearby company, you should consider the safety of your home and loved ones. Qualified and experienced plumbing experts understand the need to keep the working space safe and secure for families to avoid accidents.

Hiring an unqualified and unlicensed plumber can lead to multiple issues stemming from installation and repairs. The quack might wrongly install the water heater or high-pressure pipe, leading to electrical hazards such as shocks, electrocutions, or fire outbreaks. They might also be reckless, allowing water to mix with electrical devices, putting your entire family in danger.

For instance, if the plumbing contractor repairs pipes installed in walls close to electrical wires and cables, there is a high chance of damaging the wiring when excavating parts of the wall, leading to loss of life and property as the water flows through the live wires.

With that in mind, you should employ a plumber from a reputable company with only qualified and certified technicians to ensure maximum safety. The experts in Katy, TX turn off the water supply before starting work and can use leak detectors to know the exact place to excavate for repairs.

Higher Possibility of Fire Outbreaks

Another danger of employing unqualified and unskilled plumbing technicians is a fire outbreak in homes with utility lines running in the same place underground. They do not plan, leading to numerous mistakes as they execute their work.

Their lack of strategy can make them break a gas line as they dig to expose a water line, leading to a fire when the gas gets in contact with fire or a lighting cigarette in the vicinity.

Since unlicensed contractors have no strategies to deal with such accidents, they might not handle them properly, causing deaths and destruction of property. It is best to get a trained, qualified, and licensed plumber for your plumbing emergencies to avoid injuries, deaths, or destruction of property.

Substandard Quality of Work

Licensed plumbing professionals undergo numerous tests and evaluations and work under the supervision of master plumbers to sharpen their skills and provide exceptional services. They also get certification that shows their expertise in the field, implying room for fewer mistakes at work.

On the other hand, unlicensed contractors are unqualified and will offer their service at a cost with the mind of monetary gains other than the quality of service they offer. The substandard or shoddy work can lead to additional plumbing issues that will force you to hire licensed and certified ones to fix, making the entire project too costly.

Risk of Fraud

Unlicensed contractors operate alone or with a crew since they cannot get employment in reputable companies that strive to provide exceptional services.

They follow no company regulations or rules as they have no one to answer to in case of problems or when they make negligent plumbing errors. Since their goal is money, they can extort money using quotations with multiple fake materials and prices.

Such contractors can even buy substandard plumbing fixtures instead of quality ones if you’re not around to supervise. Since the quacks land plumbing gigs once in a while, they will use their conning skills to maximize their income for the project, and you might be lucky if they execute it.

For that reason, hire licensed plumbing specialists in Katy, TX as they are keen on their work and will not risk losing their license.

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