Common Signs You May Need Water Heater Repair | Katy, TX

Common Signs You May Need Water Heater Repair | Katy, TX

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Most people don’t give much thought to their water heater. It is a silent appliance that operates in the corner of the basement or utility closet until something goes wrong. While you may not often think of it, when the cold water hits you in the shower in the morning the first thing on your mind will be water heater repair. Suddenly a neglected appliance in your home will become the most important appliance in your home, and you will be struggling to find an emergency plumber that can quickly come out for water heater repair.

The truth is that your water heater is working hard behind the scenes all of the time, and eventually, the wear and tear will lead it to breakdown. There is not a minute that your water heater is not working, and that means it never gets a break to recharge. That is one reason why plumbers always stress the need for proper water heater maintenance because in order to function properly for years your water heater needs regular tune-ups. Keeping it up with maintenance is the best way to minimize breakdowns.

Still, like anything else a water heater repair is a piece of machinery, and eventually as it ages it will start to wear down. At this point, you will need water heater repair, but if you wait too long to get help from a Katy, TX plumber you will end up needing a replacement instead of just repairs. The following is a quick look at some of the top signs that you may be in need of water heater repair. If you notice any of these signs then make sure you call a plumber as soon as possible to get to the bottom of the situation.

Water Is Discolored

As a common rule of thumb, there should never be anything other than clear water coming out of your tap. Sometimes the water may appear to be hazy because of high water pressure, but once the pressure evens out the water should go back to clear. If you start to notice that the water is rusty, brown, or has floating dark particles in it this is a clear sign that something is wrong with your water heater.

Sedimentation at the bottom of your water heater can be normal, but if it starts to change the color of your water then you have a serious health issue. If you call a plumber for water heater repair they can come out to your home and clean out the hot water tank. With any luck, this will get your water clear again. If it doesn’t work, then the repair may not be enough and it may be time to replace a rusting hot water tank.

Hot Water Temperatures Are Not Reliable

Do you notice that sometimes you get hot water while other times the best you can get is lukewarm? If you are not consistently getting hot water out of your faucets then this may be a clear sign that something is going on with your hot water heater. The best way to address it is by calling a plumber to come out and take a look. While it is not an emergency yet, it is better to have someone take a look before the tank quits working.

At this point, you will need to know what the problem is to decide if hot water heater repair or replacement is your best option. Usually, when this happens it is caused by mineral deposits. These mineral deposits build up and eventually can prevent the heating elements from correctly working. If you catch the problem quickly enough before any other elements are affected repair can be a cost-effective option.

Hot Water Runs Out Quickly

Nothing is worse than running out of hot water while you are in the shower or the middle of another cleaning task. Ideally, you should have enough hot water to last through any standard tasks. If you are running the washing machine, dishwasher, and then take a shower the problem is not your water heater. In this case, it is likely that you are simply overtaxing your machine.

However, if you are only taking a shower and there is not enough hot water to last for the entire shower, then it is time to call a plumber. Your hot water tank has a heating element at the top of the tank and at the bottom. This keeps the water evenly warmed. If you start running out of hot water then it is likely that one of these heating elements is not correctly working.

Signs of Leaking Water

Your hot water heater should never leak. In fact, you should never see water or moisture by your hot water tank. If you do this is a major sign that something is wrong. Not only will leaks result in a loss of water pressure and possibly water damage, but it will cause corrosion that will eventually eat away at the rest of your water tank. Even a small drop could lead to enough damage to burst your hot water tank.

Any type of leak demands hot water repair and a quick call to a Katy, TX plumber. They can get to the bottom of the situation quickly to help you determine if you need a new water heater or a patch. If you notice the leak is steady, it is wise to turn your hot water heater off until the plumber gets to your home for water heater repair to avoid ending up with a much bigger mess.

If you recognize any of these common signs of water heater issues, it’s time to call a plumber you can trust. For over a decade bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston has been providing local plumbing solutions to Katy and surrounding areas. Give us a call today and we can home out for water heater repair.

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