Common Residential Plumbing Service Issues | Katy, TX

Common Residential Plumbing Service Issues | Katy, TX

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Plumbing could be compared to the circulatory system. Instead of taking necessary nutrients throughout the body, plumbing systems deliver water throughout your home. Problems in your plumbing can easily cause damage to other parts of your home in Katy, TX. The National Association of Realtors states that approximately 38% of buyers that choose new homes instead of older properties make that decision to avoid plumbing and electrical issues. Many home inspectors go over plumbing infrastructure with a fine-toothed comb. It’s very important to have a working relationship with a local plumbing service provider, whether you ever plan to sell your home or not.

Leaks and Corrosion

You can evaluate plumbing on your own to some extent. Look over ceilings, walls, and floors, especially near the bathroom and kitchen. Signs of a possible leak include damp areas, cracks, bubbling paint, peeling wallpaper, soft areas, mold, rotten wood, and yellow or brown water stains. Any of these signs could indicate leaking pipes.

Examine exposed pipes in the basement, attic, and any other location that gives you an unobstructed view of your plumbing. Many homes have cupboards surrounding the plumbing under kitchen and bathroom sinks, and you may find a hatch near the bathroom that grants access to pipes. Schedule a plumbing service appointment if you find puddles of water or notice rust and corrosion on pipes and fixtures. Rusted iron or steel pipes can cause red, yellow or brown tap water.

Many homes in Katy, TX, have copper plumbing, but corrosion on copper pipes doesn’t look like rust. It appears as a blue or green stain. Corrosion may occur due to faulty installation, water damage, pH imbalances, or abrasive substances surrounding pipes.

Galvanized steel pipes also have different characteristics of corrosion. The steel pipes are coated in zinc, so corrosion usually starts from the inside. Although corrosion itself may not be dangerous, it can alter the taste and appearance of water. You’ll probably need professional plumbing services to replace your pipes because corrosion really isn’t fixable.

Water Heaters

Keep up on water heater maintenance. It’s easy to forget about an appliance that’s likely tucked away in a basement or closed space, but water heaters attract attention quickly when they don’t work. A water heater over 10 years old is at higher risk of overflows, leaks, and malfunctions that could cut off your hot water or even flood your home. Sometimes leaks are quite small and go unnoticed for a while, which gives the water plenty of time to damage the surrounding area. It’s a good idea to check the water temperature and pressure on a monthly basis to catch problems early. Call your plumbing service provider if you aren’t sure how to do this or if you find a problem.

Bathrooms and Drains

The bathroom is a major focus during plumbing inspections because it contains several plumbing fixtures that are used on a daily basis. Clean up the room first then check for discoloration around the toilet. Try to wiggle the toilet back and forth and consult plumbing services if the effort is successful. The toilet shouldn’t move at all, so even slight shaking or wiggling could be a problem.

Check faucets and sinks carefully and listen for dripping sounds during the night. Sometimes replacing an old, worn-out faucet with a new fixture can fix the problem. If drips continue with the new faucet, or you notice leaking around the base, you may have a cracked pipe or water pressure issue.

Slow drains and gurgling sounds or bubbling in the toilet may be signs of clogged sewer lines. This is an urgent plumbing service problem. Clogged sewer lines can lead to backflow of wastewater into drains, bathtubs, sinks, and even appliances. Dirty water can also contaminate pipes carrying clean water, which is a significant health risk.


Cross-connection is a problem with the structural arrangement of plumbing pipes that lets dirty wastewater contaminate clean water. Unfortunately, cross-connection is a risk of DIY plumbing work that may have occurred sometimes in a home’s history. A pipe installed incorrectly or a misplaced connector are common culprits. Cross-connection is a serious problem and a good reason to use professional plumbing services instead of attempting DIY repairs or upgrades.

Cross-connection can also occur if an open water source, such as a hose or open tap, is left in a sink, pool, or other fixture. The deluge of water can overwhelm the drainage system and cause backflow. Make sure to arrange plumbing services immediately if you suspect cross-connection may be an issue in your home. Some local governments and utility companies reserve the right to cut off water service if cross-connection isn’t fixed.


Home inspectors also take mold very seriously. They check for rot, mold, and water stains everywhere, including secluded corners and cramped spaces that may not get much attention. Mold is a big deal because it can spread quickly and mold colonies are very hard to eradicate. Some mold spores can even make people sick. Anything contaminated with mold, including furniture, ceiling tiles, wooden paneling, and drywall, may need to be thrown away and replaced. Cleaning and restoration may be very expensive, so it’s definitely in a homeowner’s best interest to be vigilant about mold. Working out a regular maintenance schedule with your plumbing service provider lowers the risk of significant mold damage because leaks are caught early.

Finding a reliable and skilled plumbing company is essential. A home is a big investment, so it should be taken care of. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston employs licensed, bonded plumbers and focuses on providing courteous, punctual service. The professionals at bluefrog have many years of experience with plumbing issues in Katy, TX.

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