Benefits Of Professional Plumber Services | Houston Heights

Benefits Of Professional Plumber Services | Houston Heights

Almost all buildings meant for human activity in Houston Heights, such as homes, businesses, churches, or schools, contain indoor plumbing. This means that plumbers are very important professionals. It’s very important to make sure a plumber is licensed before any work is done. Licensing helps consumers know that a professional has fulfilled the requirements necessary to work in a specific field.

In addition to an expectation of quality work, some home and business owners also need to consult a licensed plumbing company for insurance reasons. Plumbing in residential homes and businesses may fall under numerous government regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. Letting a professional make sure all applicable codes and rules are followed is much easier and less frustrating than trying to learn everything yourself.

Minimize Risk of Errors

Amateur plumbing work is tempting because most of us prefer to save money if we can. However, there’s more to consider than the cost of hiring a plumber to fix an immediate problem. Mistakes can lead to problems down the road. Inexperienced attempts at fixing problems as they arise may contribute to a lack of routine maintenance. You should also remember that the online guides and videos may not be authentic. There’s no way to know if an instructional video was made on the first attempt to fix a problem or if trial and error created a mess that wasn’t uploaded for viewers. Videos can also be staged, and online guides may be questionable as well. Some websites have stringent requirements for posting instructional guides, but plenty of websites post almost anything with no verification whatsoever.


Safety is an issue too. Some plumbing work involves contact with wastewater that may be contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms. Proper precautions, including protective gear and correct practices, help prevent illness and keep wastewater separated from pipes carrying clean water. Although plumbers are usually associated with pipes and fixtures that use water, they also handle natural gas tasks and appliances. Installing gas lines or a new gas-powered appliance is not a job for the inexperienced. Natural gas is a safe and efficient fuel source, but you should always consult an expert for installations and repairs. A gas leak can have devastating consequences. If you suspect a gas leak in your home, turn off any appliances or devices connected to the gas supply. Open a window to increase ventilation and call a professional immediately.

It may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but scheduling an appointment with a plumber can actually lead to faster repairs. Homeowners frequently encounter similar problems with attempted plumbing installations and repairs. Multiple trips to the hardware store can result from a lack of appropriate tools. Inexperience may contribute to confusion over a broken part or purchasing an incorrect replacement part. Add the time necessary to complete an unfamiliar task, and an appointment with a professional may turn out to be the fastest route for repairs.

Some convenient quick fixes don’t actually fix anything. Chemical drain cleaners are a good example. You may be able to remove a clog occasionally, but caustic chemical solutions can damage your pipes. Most chemical cleaners can’t dissolve hair, which limits their usefulness in many cases. Although drain cleaners should be safe if used correctly, there’s always a chance that someone in the household may use a product incorrectly or accidentally mix two chemicals that produce harmful byproducts. Homemade tools, such as wire hangers or repurposed wooden, metal, or plastic handles, can do a lot of damage to pipes, seals, and fixtures. Your plumber can locate the clog with tiny cameras and remove the blockage with appropriate tools.

Commercial Plumbing Issues

Commercial business owners in Houston Heights need to pay special attention to plumbing maintenance, especially in establishments that serve food. Always have new equipment installed by a professional plumber. Some warranties are voided if installation and repairs aren’t done correctly. Problems with plumbing and sanitation run afoul of strict health protocols and put customers at risk of illness.

Drain cleaning and maintenance are essential. Grease, food, straws, bits of paper and plastic, and many other things can end up in restaurant drains. A clogged drain pipe can interfere with daily operations because businesses can use a lot of water throughout the day. If the water can’t drain properly, it will backup somewhere and may cause flooding in kitchens, dining rooms, or bathrooms.

Professional drain cleaning scheduled on a quarterly basis can keep pipes clean and reduce the risk of clogs. Cleaning methods include pipe water jetting and high-pressure hoses to remove accumulated grease and other residues. Commercial kitchens have grease traps to keep fat and oil out of sewer lines. These traps are also called greased interceptors. Catching the solid and liquid fats can prevent a great deal of residue inside pipes and drains, but some grease still gets through.

Insects breeding and feeding in drains can also be a problem. Your plumber can help you choose effective interventions, such as adding a microbial solution during routine drain cleaning. Cleaning may need to be scheduled more often to eradicate the insects. Screens at the entrance of each drain should be checked regularly to make sure they aren’t any holes. If screens are ineffective, you may need a smaller grid. Make sure the screen fits into the drain correctly with a tight seal around the edges to prevent gaps.

Contact the experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston for plumbing issues in Houston Heights. bluefrog’s licensed professional plumbers have years of experience and keep up with all the latest plumbing technologies. They can also help you find safe and effective products, such as enzymatic drain cleaners. A collection of naturally occurring enzymes breaks down various substances within clogs to clear and prevent blockages.

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