4 Signs It Is Time For Septic Pumping And Plumbing Service | Katy, TX

4 Signs It Is Time For Septic Pumping And Plumbing Service | Katy, TX

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Right now it seems like the world is on hold. A lot of routine tasks that homeowners generally scheduled are being pushed to the side until things get better. However, if the last year has been any indication, it is going to be a long time until things return to a state of normal, and there are some things within your home that are not going to wait that long. That is why you need a plumbing service you can trust to handle some everyday tasks for you. One of those tasks is pumping out your septic tank.

While your septic tank may not be on the top of your to-do list, it needs to be because there is a good chance that your septic tank is nearing capacity unless you happened to have it pumped before the world was taken over by the pandemic. Most people are spending more time at home than ever, and that means that they are producing more wastes at home. Prior to the pandemic people spent over half of their days out of the house which means you were using the restroom at work or school, but now your home sewage system is handling all of that extra use.

The end result is a septic system that will be full much sooner than usual. The three to four years you usually can wait in between may pumping may be closer to one or two now thanks to the extra usage. If you can’t remember the last time that you had it emptied then you really need to call a plumbing service to come to inspect it. A plumbing service can take a closer look at the levels and suggest pumping it if necessary. While you are waiting for a plumber, here are a few more common signs that it is time to pump out your septic tank.

When Is the Last Time You Had It Pumped?

As just mentioned, if you can’t remember the last time a plumbing service has been out to your home to take care of our septic tank then it is time to take action. It is a good idea to keep a log of when your septic tank has been emptied so that you can trace how quickly it is filling up. This information can be helpful when it comes time to replace your septic tank because it can help you decide if the current size is right for your family or not. If you are going a long time without pumping then you may be able to downsize, while constant pumping may mean that you need to upgrade your septic tank. Talk to your plumbing service about any concerns you may have because they can offer you professional guidance that is tailored to your specific needs.

You Notice Water Is Pooling

If you flush the toilet and it doesn’t go directly down or you notice water pooling anywhere in your home this is a clear sign that it is probably time to have your septic tank emptied. It could mean that you have a partial blockage somewhere in the line as well which is why calling a plumbing service is a good idea. They can check out the septic tank and any other issues if the tank looks good in one visit. Usually, you will notice water pooling on the first floor of the home before the second because your septic system is based on gravity. Water will take the easiest route, which usually means backing up at the first drain it arrives at which will probably be a first-floor toilet, floor drain, or sink.

Noticeable Pooling Water Outside

You should never see water pooling near your septic tank. If you notice that the ground is extremely mushy and it has not been raining non-stop, you need to call a plumbing service in Katy, TX right away. This is a sign that your septic tank is either leaking or so full that the water has nowhere else to go. Water should never escape outside of your septic tank. Not only is this a public health hazard, but it could leave to your septic tank bursting. If you notice any sign that water is escaping where it shouldn’t be you need to call and get to the bottom of the issue.

Bad Odors

Along with pooling water, you may also notice a very bad odor when outside of your home. This odor is usually linked to the sewage that is escaping out of your septic tank. It can best be described as sewage and is not what you want to open your windows to discover. With spring on the way, you want to be able to open your windows and let the fresh air rejuvenate your home. In addition to smelling the noxious odors outside of your home, you may notice the odors coming out of your drains. Either way, it is an indication that your septic tank probably needs to be pumped.

These are just a few of the many signs that your septic tank needs to be pumped. Take a minute to think about the last time you gave your septic tank any attention and then call a Katy, TX plumbing service if necessary. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston has been helping customers across the greater West Houston area with their septic tanks for years and we would be happy to help you. We also offer basic plumbing service and system inspections if you are worried about your plumbing system keeping up with the new demands of pandemic life. Talk to us today about how we can ensure your home plumbing system is up to the task of providing water and removing wastes from your home.

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