Water Heater Repair: Water Heater Noises That Should Ring Alarm Bells To Call The Pros | Katy, TX

Water Heater Repair: Water Heater Noises That Should Ring Alarm Bells To Call The Pros | Katy, TX

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All homes rely on hot water for both functionality and comfort. It would be almost impossible to live comfortably in the winter and fall months without access to warm water. However, like all household appliances, water heaters are also prone to damage and malfunctioning. Licensed plumbers specializing in water heater repair in Katy, TX, can repair or replace your damaged water heater and restore the hot water supply in your home.

Professional plumbers have the required training and skill to handle repairs. While it’s not uncommon for your water heater to make specific noises, some noises could indicate that the appliance requires immediate maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

Popping or Crackling Noises

Sediment accumulations and mineral buildups in water heater tanks could trigger opposing noises in water heaters. The heating of mineral deposits may cause steam to create bubbles in the tank. Minerals like calcium and magnesium may be present in hard water. Professional plumbers performing a repair on your water heater in Katy, TX, can flush or drain out the sediment from the tank.

Water heater tanks may contain hot water. Additionally, they are connected to electric wiring. Hence, you could sustain burns or other injuries by attempting to drain the minerals and sediments out yourself. Your local plumber will not only drain out the sediments but also clean the “limescale” that may coat the walls of your water heater tank.

Hissing or Sizzling Noises

Hissing or sizzling noises are typically caused by high water temperature or high pressure inside the tank. As per plumbing experts, the water heater could make hissing noises if the water temperature is higher than 215 F or if the water pressure is higher than 155 PSI. It would be unwise to ignore hissing noises since unregulated temperature and pressure in water heater tanks could even cause your water heater to explode.

Skilled plumbers who have formal training in water heater repair can inspect your water heater to identify the root cause of the issue. Additionally, your TPR vale will need replacement if it discharged hot steam. TPR valves allow excess water to escape from the tank if the water pressure is high. The experts can also replace your TPR valve and perform other necessary repairs to prevent future problems.

Another common cause of sizzling noises is water leaks or condensation in the tank. The noise may occur when condensates or leaking water drips onto the burner. Licensed, insured plumbers can identify water heater leaks and do the necessary to fix them. These experts use water heat detectors, protective gear, and specialized tools to detect and fix water heater leaks.

Condensation in water heaters is a critical issue that should be looked at. You may end up bearing heavy water heater replacement or repair costs by waiting for the condensation issue to disappear or “fix itself.” Your plumber will also inspect the inlet valve, outlet valves, and water lines.

Humming or Buzzing Noises

Contact a local plumbing service that performs water heater repair if your water heater is making humming noises. The noises may be the result of a loose element in your water heater. Humming or buzzing noises occur when water flows around the heating element. The sound may also be due to reduced volume at the bottom of your heater’s tank.

Minor steps like tightening of the element can resolve the issue and eliminate the noise. Conversely, if you don’t get a professional plumber to fix the issue, your entire water heater may break down.

Ticking or Rattling Noises

Your water heater is likely to make ticking noises when the “heat trap” moves around due to heat expansion. The ticking noise could also be the result of pressure fluctuations within the water heater tank. Heat or pressure fluctuations could cause the ball to rattle around, causing the ticking or rattling noise.

It is critical to call expert local plumbers who do professional water heater repair to eliminate the noise. Temperature and pressure variations in water heater tanks are the most common cause of water heater explosions. You can avoid severe danger by alerting your local plumber of the rattling sounds coming from your water heater.

Knocking or Hammering Noises

“Water hammer issues” may cause knocking noises in your water heater. These issues occur when water flow in your plumbing is stopped or shut off abruptly. The activity will cause the water to flow back to the water heater. It could also cause severe damage to your water heater.

The force of the water trying to make its way into the water heater could even cause the appliance to explode. Alert your local plumber immediately if knocking or hammering noises are emanating from your water heater. Besides risking potential water heater explosions, the water pressure could also cause a pipe burst.

Why Call Professional Plumbers for Water Heater Repair

Water heaters usually have a life expectancy of up to 12 years. Proper maintenance and timely water heater repairs could help prevent unnecessary water heater replacements and potentially dangerous accidents. So call your water local plumbing expert at the earliest if your water heater is acting up.

Easy Identification of the Problem

Licensed, certified plumbers have professional training in handling water heater repairs, and other relates plumbing problems. These experts may be able to identify the root cause of the problem merely by the noise type.

Expert plumbers who specialize in water heater repair in Katy, TX, can also provide tips to ensure that the problem does not recur.

Safety and Quality

Expert plumbers are qualified to handle malfunctioning water heaters. Water heaters require careful handling, especially if there is heat or pressure buildup in the tank. Your local plumber can help ensure your safety with timely repair services.

It is recommended you choose a plumber who offers emergency plumbing services to tackle unexpected water heater problems.

Contact Your Local Plumber for Water Heater Repair

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