Keep The Reviews Regarding Water Heater Repair When Shopping For Your Next Unit | Sugar Land, TX

Keep The Reviews Regarding Water Heater Repair When Shopping For Your Next Unit | Sugar Land, TX

There comes a time when you should start pondering about installing a new water heater or replacing your aged one as a homeowner. Some homeowners have realized that water heaters are complex, and their installation is challenging if not left to a water heater repair technician. In addition, over the years, water heaters have evolved in terms of heating mechanisms, heating efficiency, and technology, among other features. Considering all these aspects, choosing a water heating unit can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, choosing the wrong water heating unit to install at your Sugar Land, TX home can result in high energy utility bills, inconsistent water temperatures, and inadequate water heating. Therefore, there are several things that you should know to purchase the right unit. To help you make the most of the investment in a water heater, below is a compilation of the common mistakes that some homeowners make whenever purchasing a water heater.

Purchasing a Water Heater Having the Wrong Capacity

One of the most prevalent mistakes some homeowners make is purchasing an incorrectly sized water heater. Some homeowners don’t understand that water heaters have been designed to operate under various conditions. The size of your home is a critical factor that the water heater operates on. The other factor is the plumbing structure.

Hence, purchasing a water heater that is far too small for your home will probably result in poor performance. Unfortunately, purchasing a water heating unit far too strong for your home will result in less efficient operations and higher energy utility bills. Thus, you should choose a unit that perfectly suits your household water needs. For instance, if you have a big household, then you need a water heater having a larger tank capacity. This is because a too small tank will not cater to your family’s hot water needs. On the other hand, if you have a smaller family, you need a smaller tank capacity of about 40-50 gallons.

Purchasing a small unit means that it will strain to meet your household hot water needs. This means that some of its components will be prone to damage. Hence, you will constantly need to call a professional for a water heater repair service now and then. In addition, the more hot water needed, the larger the water heater is required. Hence, it is also critically important that you measure where you want the water heater repair and installation technician to fit the heater to see if it can accommodate the unit.

Lack of Insights into the Various Options Available

One of the easiest ways to make the wrong choice is not looking at the various options at your disposal. Some homeowners purchase the faulty water heater because they didn’t consider all their options. You should familiarize yourself with the various types of water heaters available. Then, you can consult your reputable or trusted water heater repair professional.

There are several common water heater types that you might choose from, including:

  • Conventional water heaters (tank-type)
  • On-demand(tankless) water heaters
  • Heat pump (hybrid) water heaters
  • Condensing water heaters
  • Solar-powered water heaters.

Not Thinking About Energy Efficiency

Another mistake some homeowners will make when purchasing a water heater is not thinking about the unit’s energy efficiency. Although energy-efficient water heaters will have a higher upfront cost, you can recoup the money through monthly energy savings. This is because they use considerably less energy than other units. Hence, when considering replacing the old water heater or installing a new one, ask your water heater repair and installation technician or vendor about the energy efficiency.

Only purchase a water heater that has an Energy Star label. These units will have efficient operations at a lower cost. Models such as tankless water heaters heat water on demand faster and use less energy than conventional water heaters. Tankless water heaters are 22% more energy efficient than other units and can save time and money. Since they also don’t feature a tank, the water heater repairs are greatly reduced.

Choosing a Water Heater Based Solely on Price

Purchasing a water heater for your Sugar Land, TX home solely based on price can result in many issues later in the future. First, you might purchase the wrongly sized unit. Though the cost of a smaller water heating unit might be more appealing, the appliance will not be efficient, as explained above. This means that you will be paying more energy utility bills since the appliance strains to heat the water. In addition, because of the straining, some water heater components will be prone to damage, meaning more water heater repairs and replacements. Hence, balance the short- and long-term benefits versus the cost considerations of the water heater.

Choosing without Comparing

Although you might get some recommendations, you must also conduct your research and comparisons. This is because although another person’s recommendations might have worked in their case, this doesn’t mean that they’ll work in your case. Hence, you should know the various features of different water heaters. Through your research, you can find out more about a water heater and contact a water heater repair technician or a manufacturer.

Not Consulting a Water Repair Professional

Some homeowners usually waste money by guessing what kind of water heater suits their household needs. Rather than rely on guesswork, why not enlist the assistance of a plumber? Through their experience and skills, they can help you choose the correctly-sized unit for your home and guide you through everything to consider when choosing a unit.

Don’t Make The Mistake!

Are you planning to install a new water heater at Sugar Land, TX, or replace your aged one? Don’t make the mistakes above. Instead, contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston today for advice on the various things you should consider before purchasing one. Remember, a water heater is a sizeable investment, and you don’t want to spend even more on routine water heater repairs.

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