Determining Why Your Sprinkler System Doesn’t Shut Off | Reliable Plumbing Company | Houston, TX

Determining Why Your Sprinkler System Doesn’t Shut Off | Reliable Plumbing Company | Houston, TX

A sprinkler system comes in handy when it is dry during the summer, but you want to irrigate your yard, garden, or greenhouse. Hence, most homeowners enlist the services of a plumbing company in Houston, TX to inspect the sprinklers and repair any problems before the dry season starts. Imagine turning off your sprinkler during fall only to realize that it doesn’t close. It is recommended that you service your sprinkler before summer and any watering season, for that matter, to avert any inconveniences during the hour of need. Professional plumbers know a lot about sprinklers and can by having them maintain your plumbing and irrigation systems.

Ensure that the System is Shut Off

Before you jump into any assumptions, you should first locate the sprinkler control panel and ensure that the dial should be in the “OFF” position. If the dial is on the off and the sprinkler is still running, then you should have a plumbing company send a technician for a further inspection. This is because the sprinkler might be having a mechanical issue. While you might be tempted to repair it yourself, you should rather have it checked by a professional. Unlike you, the technicians from a plumbing company are experienced and trained in plumbing repairs and installations and have the right tools to complete the job. Any DIY sprinkler system repair could result in more damage. Additionally, some plumbers will offer you a work quality guarantee.

Locate the Sprinkler Valve

Have you turned off your sprinkler system only to realize that the water is still flowing? You should locate and inspect the sprinkler valve. It is usually in a sprinkler valve box that is found near a road or close to the water meter. Is the valve stuck? If it is, your sprinkler system might not shut off as water cannot flow to the sprinkler heads. If the valve is stuck in the off position, the water might not flow. If the valve is stuck in the open position, water will continue flowing even if you turn off the sprinkler. Whenever this happens, you should have a plumbing company in Houston, TX send a technician to inspect and repair it.

Unfortunately, this might cost you a fortune in water losses. Hence, a stuck valve problem needs immediate attention as it could result in water damage too. Although you can purchase a replacement part and repair the sprinkler yourself, it is best to contact a plumbing company for it to be professionally repaired. After all, the repair could be the economically sound option. Additionally, the technician from the company could find other issues that you might not have picked up by yourself.

Broken Sprinkler Head

The other reason your sprinkler might be running continuously is that its head might be broken. But what is a sprinkler head? The component of your sprinkler system releases water from the plumbing pipes into your lawn or landscape. If the sprinkler is properly working, it should turn on, release the water, and turn off when you close the knob. Is your sprinkler head broken? It will not be able to control the water flow properly. You should immediately call the plumbing company for a further inspection. The continuous water flow might rot the grass and your flowers, leaving your home with a strong, pungent smell. The technician from your reliable plumber knows the specifications of every particular sprinkler system and professionally troubleshoots it to fix the problem. Remember, never try repairing the sprinkler yourself.

Broken Timer Motor

The other problem that might arise in your sprinkler system and make it fail to turn off is a broken timer motor. This is a critical component of your sprinkler that controls your sprinkler system’s timing. The timer motor is responsible for turning the water off and on at your specific preset time. If it is broken or malfunctioning, the sprinkler might not be able to turn off, and the water will continue to flow. This could damage your plants, lawn, or even the structural foundation of your home. Hence, you should enlist a plumbing company to check and address the problem. The technician will replace the broken timer motor with a new one, ensuring no further water wastage. Additionally, you must ensure that the sprinkler system is inspected and serviced by a reliable plumber to avoid such problems.

Check the Solenoid

The solenoid valve is an electrochemical device that controls the water flow in your sprinkler system. It usually is located near the valve, which controls the water flow into the different parts of your lawn. If the solenoid in your sprinkler system gets damaged, it might remain stuck in the open position. This means that water will continuously flow even whenever the system should be off. It will result in a wastage of water, resulting in high water bills at the end of the month. To fix this problem, a plumbing company in Houston, TX will replace the solenoid valve with a new one.

Broken Pipes or Leaks

Sure, broken pipes and leaks also can result in the sprinkler system not shutting off properly. Leaks in the water pipes will allow the water to continue flowing even when the system should be turned off. Additionally, the water will continue flowing because it can no longer be contained within the pipes. This could result in flooding your yard or lawn. It also could damage your foundation, resulting in costly repairs. To fix this problem, a plumbing company must locate and repair the broken pipes and patch any leaks in the system. You should regularly maintain your sprinkler system to ensure that any leaks and developing problems are caught on time and repaired to prevent future problems.

Have you realized the water continues to flow even after turning off the sprinkler? Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston for a further inspection and a subsequent repair.

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