Why You Should Leave Plumbing Repair To The Pros | Sugar Land, TX

Why You Should Leave Plumbing Repair To The Pros | Sugar Land, TX

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Every homeowner knows that plumbing is important, perhaps the most important service and infrastructure to the smooth running of domestic life. Without water, without HOT water, without toilets that flush, daily life can get pretty miserable. But when a drain becomes clogged or the hot water suddenly ceases, many homeowners take matters into their own hands to attempt DIY solutions. Read on to discover why that may not be the wisest decision.

The Complexity of Domestic Plumbing

Plumbing infrastructure has so many interconnecting components. Different size pipes, water lines, joints, drains and distribution fixtures run throughout your home, safely circulating water and waste in and out of the structure and the larger community. As with any sophisticated system with many moving parts, failures can crop up at any point along the line. And tiny problems like a pinprick hole or minor clog can evolve into large ones like burst pipes or a drop in water pressure if not attended to. Calling in a plumbing repair specialist – for routine maintenance or for an emergency situation – has many advantages to attempting unskilled DIY solutions.

Diagnostic Wizardry

A skilled plumber is trained to understand how the entire plumbing system works, and knows how to run diagnostic tests, troubleshoot, and precisely pinpoint the source of the problem. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston supports a team of experienced, certified plumbers who can stay cool in a crisis, and fix the problem right the first time. DIY is simply no match for this kind of seasoned knowledge. That’s because experience always confers advantages. Professional plumbers are skilled tradespeople who stay on top of innovations in their field. Modern plumbing diagnostics may involve remote video cameras and infrared imagery; you can’t grab that at the hardware store.

Tools of the Trade

From wrenches that are specially sized for plumbing pipes and joints to snakes and augers, a plumber’s tool kit contains tools that are specifically designed to deal with plumbing components. He or she may also be packing video diagnostic equipment or equipment to support trenchless piping procedures. They may also carry a number of gadgets for the manual excavation and removal of clogs, a common problem in high traffic areas like shower stalls and kitchen sinks. Having this equipment on hand and the skill to use it correctly is another big bonus that comes along on a call with a professional plumber.

Oversight and Guarantees

Some plumbing disasters require insurance claims and/or inspections from municipal or federal agencies. A plumbing repair specialist will know how to navigate these bureaucracies. They will also guarantee their work and not leave you hanging with a half-finished or half-baked repair. These types of assurances are worth their weight in gold.

DIY Nightmares

So. While it may be tempting to pick up a wrench or plumber’s snake from the local hardware store, watch a few how-to videos and try to fix your plumbing problem yourself. Just. Don’t.

Not convinced? Then ask your friends and neighbors in Sugar Land, TX if they have any horror stories about DIY plumbing fixes gone wrong. You may find that in the worst of these, the DIY-er made things worse, and ended up booking an expensive emergency plumbing call to fix the fix. Many dollars and much frustration later, they may have learned their lesson and will want to share it with you.

Safety Protocols for Plumbers and Clients

In the pandemic era, the way we all do business has changed. New protocols are necessary when service providers enter private homes to perform plumbing repairs and other types of work. The goal is to keep everyone safe: contractor, client, and family members. And there are things you can do to prepare your home for a visit from a plumbing repair specialist. consider the following tips:

  • Book your appointment ahead of time so you and your family have time to prepare. If it’s not an emergency, expect to wait a bit longer than usual for a service call. Most trades are behind and will remain so in the months to come. There are backlogs in every industry, and new protocols can slow down service. Once you have your appointment, do what you can to prepare ahead of it.
  • Ensure that household members stay out of the plumbing repair contractor’s way. Respect physical distance rules, even if you wish to watch the work being conducted. Clear a path through your home so the plumbing repair professional doesn’t have to. Although they are likely to be carrying their own hand sanitizer and hygiene equipment, ensure that there is somewhere the contractor can thoroughly wash their hands.
  • On the plumber’s side, many contractors now travel with plastic sheeting that can help isolate the work area. They’ll likely call ahead to be sure you are ready for them. And they may conduct more business (such as invoicing, etc.) via phone or email. They will have disinfecting protocols for their tools and you can feel free to ask about them.

With a little cooperation on both sides, even the most complicated plumbing repair work can be conducted quickly, effectively, and most importantly, safely.

Don’t get caught up in the DIY jungle when it comes to plumbing infrastructure. If you suspect something is up with any of the plumbing components within your home, call in a professional. In the greater West Houston or Sugar Land, TX area bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston is your local expert for emergency and maintenance plumbing repair problems of any size. Their team of highly skilled and experienced plumbers are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and the requisite knowledge to get the plumbing in your home working smoothly again, safely, and efficiently. Call now to learn more about bluefrog’s extensive menu of routine maintenance and 24/7 emergency plumbing repair services.

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