Water Heater Repair: Why Should You Call Pros Regularly To Check Your Water Heater’s Anode Rod? | Katy, TX

Water Heater Repair: Why Should You Call Pros Regularly To Check Your Water Heater’s Anode Rod? | Katy, TX

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Have you ever wondered how your water heater seems to handle water perfectly without rusting? Well, it’s all thanks to the sacrificial anode rod installed in your heater. If you want to know more about the proper way to maintain your water heater, learning about the anode rod is crucial. Taking care of your water heater ensures that you will often not have to call water heater repair services.

Has it happened to you before that once your shower turned on, or went close to your water heater in Katy, TX, only to smell an awful stench? You’ve come to the right place to understand more about why this happens.

What Is a Sacrificial Anode Rod?

Water is corrosive, and no metal, especially steel, is safe from it. So, how can a water heater work perfectly? It is thanks to the sacrificial anode rod which is placed inside the heater. Anode rods are made of more corrosive material, which attracts the corrosion away from the tank’s insides. Hence, it is called “sacrificial”.

Why Should You Check the Anode Rod?

You may want to avoid calling the water heater repair services because the service fee can be expensive. However, paying for regular checkups is much cheaper than needing to replace your water heater every few years in the long run.

The anode rod is termed “sacrificial” as it allows corrosive agents to act on the rod instead of your tank. When the anode rod depletes completely, there will not be any other “attractive” material that will keep your tank rust-free.

Once your anode rod depletes, your water heater will start to deteriorate as well. Sometimes, the anode rod may break off and fall to the bottom of the tank, bouncing around whenever water passes through the heater. Not only can this damage your heater, but it also leads to impurities dispersing in the water.

Overall, the health of your anode rod is crucial for the longevity of your heater. With regular checkups from a water heater service, you can ensure that your anode rod is replaced as soon as possible.

When Should You Check the Anode Rod?

Unlike your water heater, the anode rod inside your tank will not last for years. The anode rod has no other purpose but to attract the corrosion away from the inside of the water heater tank. Over time, the anode rod may deplete and will need to be replaced without delays.

The rate of depletion depends on many factors; when you call water heater repair services, ensure that you mention your specific location so they can tell you how frequently you should check your anode rod.

Usually, any water which has been treated with softeners tends to corrode the anode rod much faster. This is due to added mineral deposits, which add to the corrosive power of the water. The depletion rate will also depend on how much water passes through the heater. Typically, anode rods will last for about four to five years. The actual lifespan depends on your usage, though.

Signs of Anode Rod Failure

If you haven’t been keeping up with your anode rod checkups, or perhaps, found out what they are today, you may want to check for signs of anode rod failure. Keep in mind that the anode rod is placed inside the heater. Hence, wait for the water heater experts to check the anode rod for you.

However, without risking your water heater, there may be some signs that you can look for, which indicate an anode rod failure.

  • Does your water have a rusty appearance? If the anode rod has depleted and broken off, impurities get mixed with the water, changing its color.


  • Does your water have a foul smell? When you turn the shower on, can you gradually smell a foul odor from the water? The impurities in the water can react with it and produce natural gases which emit a foul stench.


  • Are you facing problems with the water temperature? A faulty anode can lead to your water heater deteriorating as well. If you notice problems with your water’s temperature, the anode rod may be at fault.

Keep in mind that you should call the water heater repair services as soon as you notice any of these signs. Although they may seem to be a minor inconvenience, they believe a deeper issue.

What Should You Do While Waiting for Water Heater Repair Experts?

Once you have called the water heater repair experts, what should your next steps be? After you’ve contacted the experts, it is time to get your water heater ready for inspection.

Immediately after calling the water heater repair experts, cut off the water supply to the heater. As you wait for our experts to arrive, ensure that the water inside the heater has cooled down to room temperature.

Once the experts arrive at your residence, they will know how to proceed with the inspection safely. Trained professionals are not only equipped to inspect the heater safely, but they can also determine whether it is the anode rod that is causing the issue or something else.

When you have the water heater repair professionals at your home, it is easy to get a replacement anode put into place as well.

What Can You Do?

Problems with the water heater can not only be annoying, but they can be time-consuming and frustrating as well. Need an urgent solution to your problems? Don’t hesitate to call us immediately at Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston.

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