Plumbing Excavation Options A Plumber Uses To Install And Maintain Pipes | Katy, TX

Plumbing Excavation Options A Plumber Uses To Install And Maintain Pipes | Katy, TX

The plumbing systems in residential and commercial buildings are incomplete without pipes that supply clean water and drain wastewater. Some parts of the water, gas, and sewer lines are underground to protect them from harsh weather conditions and the risk of vandalism. Excavation in plumbing is necessary during pipe installation and maintenance.

A plumber can also dig the ground to access pipes to solve issues such as clogged drains and water lines, tree root intrusion, slow drains, backups, leaks, and burst pipes. The plumbing experts use the best excavation method to repair, service, install, or maintain water supply lines or sewer pipes.

Excavation Process

Before explaining the multiple excavation methods useful in plumbing repairs, let’s start by describing the excavating procedure during pipe installation, replacement or repairs.

If a plumbing technician wants to connect a new pipeline in a home, the first thing to do is to locate the area to lay them. The plumber digs a slightly deep trench that perfectly fits the width and length of the water lines or sewer lines, connects the pipes, then covers them with the extracted soil.

This process is almost similar to excavation for repairs with a slight difference, which is identifying the area of the damaged, leaking, or burst pipes first. For replacement, maintenance, and servicing, the extensively skilled and experienced plumbing expert keenly digs out the soil to avoid hitting the utility lines and causing more damage.

Below are some excavation methods plumbing professionals in Katy, TX can use in residential properties.

External Method

The first technique most plumbing professionals use for earth or ground excavation is external. They use different excavating tools to reach damaged or leaking pipes. It is an effective technique, especially during repairs of multiple leaks and burst pipes though time-consuming. A plumber in Katy, TX can utilize a closed circuit camera to help identify the leaking or clogged parts of the utility lines before instructing the crew members to start digging.

The technique requires the excavators to dig trenches and tunnels where the pipes are buried for better access and thorough inspections to pinpoint all the problems that need prompt repairs. Workers doing the digging should be careful and keen as they approach the pipes to prevent causing further destruction.

One downside of external excavation is the damage it can cause to your beautiful home. The plumber can leave your yard, lawn, or landscaping dirty and damaged.

Interior Technique

Contractors can also use the interior method in cases of minor plumbing repair. When you call a plumbing company complaining of escalating water bills, it sends an expert to check the issue and its cause for a quick solution. The technician inspects your pipework with a state-of-the-art closed circuit camera to locate the leaking part.

The inspection is necessary to avoid excavating an extended area with no issues, saving the workers time and energy. If the problem is a single leak, the professional excavates the soil or ground around the leaking pipe to replace it.

Unlike the external technique that can cause mild to severe damage to the water or sewer pipes and your compound, interior excavation is less destructive. The hired plumber can use a jackhammer to hit the precise ground and dig several holes around the identified place to access the pipes for repairs.

Homeowners pay more for internal excavation than the exterior. The technicians can leave your flowers, landscape, lawns, and grass in ruins after the repairs, maintenance, or replacement of leaking pipes. You might have to start planning for new tiles, making the excavation costly.

Rerouting Excavation

Different from external and internal methods that require plumbing contractors to dig the affected areas to access the leaking, damaged, burst, or clogged pipes, rerouting needs less digging. The technique entails creating a new route for clean or wastewater to pass through by pulling pipe lining from the pipeline. A plumber digs out a shallow trench and uses pressure to clear clogs in the pipes.

The less invasive excavation technique works effectively if the issue in the pipeline is an obstruction due to accumulated dirt, mineral deposits, and debris. Experts can use the entrance of the faulty, burst, or damaged water or sewer line to access the issue for fast repairs. They use a resin epoxy mixture to conceal the holes or cracks in the cracked or damaged pipes.

Vacuum Truck Excavation

Homeowners in Katy, TX who want a clean job can hire a plumbing company with a vacuum truck for excavation services. The truck has hoses, holding tanks, and powerful pumps that efficiently suck the soil, power, muddy water, liquids, and sludge. A plumber uses a pump in the truck to release sufficient air from the holding tank.

The pumped air creates a vacuum that combines with suction generated by valves to suck the soil out of the specified area during plumbing maintenance, repairs, or installation.

After getting all the concrete or dirt out and exposing the gas, sewer, or water pipes into the holding tank, the plumber transports it out of your compound for disposal. The excavation technique is efficient in plumbing, sewer, power plant, ponds, floor drains, oil pits, silos, and railcar excavations.

It does not expose you or your loved ones to environmental hazards and protects local waterways from contamination. Compared to external, interior, and rerouting excavating methods, a vacuum truck is costly but will do a clean job, leaving your lawn, landscape, yard, and flowers intact.

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