Common & Hidden Signs Of A Water Leak In Your Home: Call A Plumbing Service | Sugar Land, TX

Common & Hidden Signs Of A Water Leak In Your Home: Call A Plumbing Service | Sugar Land, TX

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If you own a home one thing you need to always be constantly on the lookout for leaks. Small plumbing leaks have the ability to destroy your home and rack up very large repair bills, so it pays to catch them quickly. The problem with leaks is that they slowly destroy your flooring, ceilings, walls and can even lead to mold or mildew. At that point you not only have to deal with flood damage, but you have to deal with a mold reparation bill which is also a place that you don’t want to find yourself in.

You can avoid all of this by calling a Sugar Land, TX plumbing service the moment you find a leak, but what if you have a leak and don’t know it? There are some very common signs that there is a leak in your home such as mildew or paint peeling. You may also be able to visibly spot it, such as if a leak is coming from under your sink fixture and you can see the damp vanity base. However, there are also some hidden signs that you need to know about so that you can promptly get help from a plumbing professional. If you want to keep your home in its best shape, you may want to read a few tips on how to spot leaks.

Common Signs of a Leaking Pipe

While you probably already know a lot of these signs, here is a quick recap in case you are doubting yourself. First of all, if you notice wallpaper bubbling or peeling on the walls and it is not that old this could be a clear sign that there is a water leak behind the wall. The same is true if you notice the ceiling paint starting to bubble or peel off. It is even more true if the peeling is showing on a ceiling that you know is located under a bathtub. If you spot any of these signs you need to call a plumbing service.

Of course, some clear signs of a leaking pipe include moisture or leaks you can see near pipes under the sink or a major drain. Finally, even if you can’t find a leak, if you see mold or mildew starting to grow in your basement or any room of your home this is a sign that there is a hidden leak somewhere in your home that you need to properly address with the help of a plumber. There should never be any visible mold in your home, and since mold can contaminate the air you breathe and even cause illness, it is vital that you get to the bottom of the responsible leak right away.

Hidden Signs of Leaking Pipes

One of the very first hidden signs that you have a leaking pipe hiding behind your walls is a water bill that keeps getting higher and higher. Believe it or not, a simple water leak is all it takes to drive up your water bill by as much as a hundred dollars a month. Depending on the size of your water bill, it could jump your water bill up even higher which makes the price of a plumbing service worth it.

Therefore, if you notice that your water bill is suddenly higher and there is no logical explanation for the jump such as filling up a pool or intentionally letting the water run, then you need to call a plumbing service to look for the leak. While you wait for the plumbing service you can look around at a few possible leaks such as under sinks or in the bathroom, but keep in mind that leaks can hide in the foundation and walls so it is best to have a professional find the leak before more damage forms.

Another great way to look for a water leak in your home is by checking out your water meter. Most water meters are located outside of homes in Sugar Land, TX. So head outside to inspect the exterior of your home and locate the meter. You will probably notice the needle jumping on it which indicates that water is flowing somewhere in your home. This is normal when the water is on in your home.

Once you find it, turn off your main water line so that all of the water in your home is stopped from flowing. Walk around your home and make sure that you are not using the dishwasher or washing machine and that all of the faucets in your home are turned off. Now walk back out to your water meter and see if the needle is silent or still jumping. If it is still moving even when all of the water is completely turned off then you have a leak in your home and need to call a plumbing service.

Finally, if you suspect there is a leak in your home another quick way to get a good idea of whether you need to investigate further with a plumbing service or not is to simply look at your water usage. According to the EPA, the average family of four uses 12,000 gallons of water a month or less. If you are way over that total, then there is a good chance that there is a water leak in your home. On the other hand, if by some chance a plumbing service cannot find the leak, this should be an eye-opening experience that forces your family to reevaluate how they use water on a daily basis. At that point, it is likely that something needs to be changed.

If you think that you have a leak in your home or discover the leak firsthand, then you need to call a Sugar Land, TX plumbing service to fix it. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston has been helping your neighbors with their leaks for years, and we would be glad to come to take a look at your home. Give us a call and we can set up an appointment.

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