Drain Cleaning Service: What’s Blocking My Drain? | Memorial City

Drain Cleaning Service: What’s Blocking My Drain? | Memorial City

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When you start noticing water coming back up from the drains you may begin to panic and call for drain cleaning service. There are tons of things that could cause your drains to back up, both from inside your home and outside of it. We’ll go through a few of these causes for you to watch out for that will let you know what to look for when the water drains slowly. These aren’t at all unique to Memorial City but some may be more common than others.

Fatty Substances

When your kitchen sink starts draining slowly it’s possible that it’s grease based. Grease is just hot fat and as it solidifies it will stick to the edges of your drain pipe and can be difficult to remove without calling for drain cleaning service. Be sure to keep grease from going down your drain as much as possible, or else you’ll have to call for drain cleaning fairly often.

Foreign Objects

If you have kids or pets this is what we’re talking about here. This can include toys like cars and toy blocks or crayons if you have kids. If you have pets this could be food scraps or bones. If you accidentally drop a watch or jewelry down it may not clog but calling for drain cleaning service may allow you to extract it without damaging the item or having it go further down the line where you may lose it forever.

“Flushable Wipes”

Many people who need to call for drain cleaning service today need to be told not to use wet wipes down the toilet. These are marketed as “flushable” but they really aren’t. Memorial City and the greater Houston area have had issues with these since they’ve been heavily commercialized over the past decade and are still fighting with individuals and companies to stop marketing them as flushable. You really should put this into a trash bin instead of the toilet.

Toilet Paper

We just talked about drain cleaning services having to tell people about flushable wipes as an issue but the classy issue of excessive toilet paper is still a problem. If you have too much being forced down the drain it may not be able to dissolve fast enough before it gets caught up in your drain causing a clog. This is an issue that is exasperated if you have small children who play with toilet paper in the bathroom or are still learning how to properly use toilet paper.

Soap Scum and Hair

This is going to be the last item that will come from inside the house. Soap scum is something that is inevitable to line your drain pipes as you stay in your home, it’s just a matter of when not if. Hair is also a natural loss down the drains in showers and tubs. You can slow this from causing issues with a trap in the drain but it will likely still allow some through. These items are fairly easy to clean out but if it’s far enough down the line DIY at home solutions will be out of the question.

Tree Roots

If you have trees or shrubs around your house this is something that will happen over time as plants are attracted to water and small cracks or sweating on the outside of the house. The roots will gradually work their way into the drain pipes leading out of your house to the sewer system or septic tank and start tapping that for themselves. This is something that definitely requires a call for drain cleaning service and can cause you to call them two to three times per year to keep your pipes draining. If it gets that bad you may want to consider the cost of just replacing your drain lines over the continued cost of calling for a drain cleaning service.

Leaves and Natural Debris

You may be looking at this and wondering, ‘how the heck are you supposed to get debris in my drains that comes from leaves up above if my pipes never leave the house?’. Well, something not many people know is that your drain line has an air vent that generally reaches out of the top of your home. This isn’t some sort of secret plot but if that line isn’t capped properly leaves, dirt, branches, or in extremely unfortunate cases wildlife can fall down this drain line and get sucked down the drain line causing it to back up.

Broken Pipes

You would think that you would notice when pipes break and cause issues with your plumbing system but that’s not necessarily true. If a buried drain pipe is broken either with a crack or just completely destroyed it will eventually cause backup into the house as the ground can only take in so much before physical signs show. Do you see dead spots or discoloration on your lawn? What about a damp spot where the rest of the area is dry? Maybe you notice part of your lawn is sinking? These are all signs that you may have a broken external drain pipe and a call for drain cleaning service will quickly turn into drain replacement service. This is essentially the endgame for the previously discussed tree root issue but the timing of it is up in the air and could strike at any time.

When you’re ready to call for drain cleaning service give the experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston a call. Their team of highly qualified technicians and specialists can get you back up and running quickly and at a price that is reasonable. They are available every day and all hours of the day. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston is a top rated contractor on Home Advisor and is licensed and insured so you know you’re getting your job done right. When you are ready give them a call or visit their website.

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